Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4: Leaks Reveal New Map, Skins, and Weapons

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Leaks: Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 is coming out in less than a month, and there are already leaks online and on social media. Even though a lot of the information being shared could change, it gives players an idea of what to expect in the coming season.

Still, iFireMonkey, a leaker and data miner with a lot of experience, has given a lot of information about things that are yet to come.

These include guns that haven’t been released yet, game features that fans will want more of and mechanics that sound too good to be true. More information has also been given about the future Doctor Who project.

Leaks of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 point to a busy schedule.

1) Exotic Weapons

Based on what we know so far, there are eight guns that haven’t been added to Fortnite yet. Some of them are just plain crazy, while others are a bit more normal. The Boogie Bomb Grenade Launcher is by far the most interesting. The Firefly Grenade Launcher and Gas Grenade Launcher are next on the list.

As the names suggest, these guns will let you shoot projectiles at your opponents that have different effects. The Boogie Bomb will make the target dance, the Firefly Grenade will set hearts and the surroundings on fire, and the Gas Grenade will make a cloud of poisonous gas that will force opponents to run away.

2) Game Mechanics and Features

When it comes to unreleased games and mechanics, there are a lot of things to look at. One of them has been talked about a lot: Legendary Augments from Combat Caches or Reality Augment Chests. This part of the game is being worked on and will probably be added soon.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Leaks

Wall Running and Wall Kicking are two more techniques. These have been talked about a few times, but most of the time not much is known about them. Also, a car mod called “Big Attachable Wheel Grenade” seems to be in the works. As the name suggests, this would probably change a car’s tires to make them bigger.

3) Doctor Who

A lot of Fortnite leakers and data miners have revealed that the game will work with Doctor Who. But sources say that things are taking longer than expected.

Doctor Who might not be in the game until December or January 2024, after the LEGO partnership in November 2023. Still, the Mini Event Pass, which is like the Most Wanted, is still on the plan.

You can take part in this event to get cosmetic things and maybe even earn a few Battle Pass experience points at the same time. The 60th-anniversary look for Doctor 15 has been dropped, which is a shame. Due to the delay in the collaboration, this was sure to happen.


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 is set to release in less than a month, with leaks revealing eight unreleased guns, game mechanics, and a potential collaboration with Doctor Who. These include the Boogie Bomb Grenade Launcher, Firefly Grenade Launcher, and Gas Grenade Launcher.

Unreleased features include Legendary Augments from Combat Caches, Wall Running and Wall Kicking, and a car mod called “Big Attachable Wheel Grenade.” Doctor Who may not be included until December or January 2024, but the Mini Event Pass is still planned.

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