A Fortnite Creator’s Tribute to GTA V: How He Made a Mode in Creative 2.0

As players continue to be amazed by Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 mode, a mapmaker recently shared on social media a work-in-progress that will add a Grand Theft Auto V-style mode to the game. Later, the clip went global, which made people even more excited to play it.

The Fortnite artistic 2.0 maps are a big step forward for the game’s artistic mode. In the original Creative mode, players could build their own islands, set up their own game types, and do many different things with their friends.

But Creative 2.0 adds a whole new level to these options by giving you a wider range of Unreal Engine 5 tools, assets, and features. UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite) is being used by Fortnite mapmakers to make their own versions of games like OnlyUp!, Final Fantasy, and Mario Kart.

One of these mapmakers recently showed how they are making Los Santos in a way that is similar to GTA V. The person who made the movie uploaded it, and Fortnite players were shocked by how much it looked like the original game.

The Author of Fortnite Brings Los Santos and a GTA V Mode to Creative 2.0

A Fortnite creator called Ka2aki86 recently showed off some work-in-progress screenshots of a map that they say was inspired by Grand Theft Auto V and The Matrix. In the video, the person who made it is seen driving a Whiplash and riding a Rogue Bike through what looks like Los Santos.

A Fortnite Creator’s Tribute to GTA V: How He Made a Mode in Creative 2.0

The video that was shared on X went viral, and now players want the plan to be made public so they can play Fortnite like GTA V for free. One of these players said, “To be honest, it looks beautiful.” “Where’s the Maze Bank building?” asked another.

A third person spoke up about a big UEFN worry: “How are they going to deal with copyrights on real buildings?” I think that if such scans are used in court cases in the future, there will be a lawsuit. A fourth said, “If this was chapter 5’s graphics, I would play Fortnite every second and never touch the grass.”

While the community was amazed by how well the mapmaker recreated Los Santos, Ka2aki86 said (in Japanese, paraphrased) about X, “It may not be a dream to make games like Gran Turismo or GTA Online on Fortnite. Let’s try out different game plans by creating other than Shinjuku” and coming to the conclusion that the map is still just an idea.


Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 mode has been praised for its artistic features, including a Grand Theft Auto V-style mode. A mapmaker, Ka2aki86, has created a work-in-progress map inspired by GTA V and The Matrix.

The video went viral, causing excitement among players who want to play Fortnite like GTA V for free. However, Ka2aki86 believes the map is still an idea and suggests exploring other game plans beyond Shinjuku.

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