The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 1: Know About the Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More Information!

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 1: When “The Walking Dead” started on October 31, 2010, viewers were introduced to a world where flesh-eating zombies had taken over after the end of the world.

A diverse group of survivors tried to stay alive against this grim background. One of them was Daryl Dixon, who was played by Norman Reedus.

His character changed a lot during the first season of the show. Daryl’s change from a rough, lonely outsider to an important part of the group kept viewers interested and set him up for more growth in future seasons.

Daryl Dixon Spinoff Release Date

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon spinoff will come out on September 10, 2023. This is a sure thing. Several hints had already hinted that it was almost out.

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The first season of The Walking Dead: Dead City ends on July 20, so fans won’t have to wait too long to watch it again. The news was finally revealed at The Walking Dead presentation at the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con. It was also revealed that AMC has already picked up The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon for a second season.

Daryl Dixon Spinoff Cast

Norman Reedus will be the most famous actor in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon spinoff because he has agreed to play the main character, the zombie hunter Daryl Dixon, again.

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However, he will be joined by many other skilled actors. In November 2022, Variety reported that Clémence Poésy will play Isabelle, a religious character who helps Daryl and also asks him for help with a young boy named Laurent, who will be played by Louis Puech Scigliuzzi, a newcomer to the show.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 1

Anne Charrier will play Genet in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon spinoff. Eriq Ebanouey will play Fallou, Laika Blanc Francard will play Sylvie, Romain Levi will play Codron, and Adam Nagaitis will play Quinn.

Reedus says that some known faces will also show up in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon spin-off, so it’s possible that once Daryl’s troubles in Paris are over, he could meet up with Lincoln’s Rick or Gurira’s Michonne again. Gilbert Glenn Brown, who goes by the name Jones, has also signed on to play a character called Jones.

Daryl Dixon Spinoff Story Details

In the Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon spinoff story, Daryl is taken in by a religious group, which includes Isabelle, played by Clémence Poesy. After getting him better, Isabelle asks Daryl to help move a young boy named Laurent across a dangerous land full of enemies and walkers.

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Even though no one knows what Laurent is supposed to mean, Isabelle is sure that he is supposed to “lead the revival of humanity.” Of course, they will face a lot of problems, and some dangerous enemies will be after them. It’s not clear if Daryl or Laurent is the target, but when the order comes to kill “the American,” it’s clear that Daryl is in for more trouble.

Since “Rest in Peace,” the season 11 finale of The Walking Dead, finished with Daryl telling Carol that he was leaving the Commonwealth to bring Rick and Michonne home to see Morgan and Judith, the next season will take place a couple of months after that.

Reedus has also revealed that the tone of the six-part miniseries will be very different from that of The Walking Dead. He told Screen Rant that the tone is “kind of a reset” for the universe.

Daryl Dixon Spinoff Trailer

The full trailer for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon has been made available, offering information on the overarching tale as well as the new characters and the new setting. At the beginning of the footage, Daryl is seen arriving in France and afterward meeting Isabelle and Laurent at a monastic convent.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 1

Soon after, he is assigned the duty to escort Laurent over the lethal remnants of France in order to assist in bringing about the revival of humanity.

Laurent is the person who is tasked with bringing about the revival of humanity. Despite this, it doesn’t take long for Daryl to develop enemies in this new environment, and he quickly finds himself the target of mysterious bad guys who are on the hunt for him.


Daryl Dixon’s journey through the first season of “The Walking Dead” shows how well the show can create characters with many different sides.

Daryl starts out as a lone survivor with good skills, but he grows into a valuable part of the group, thanks to his loyalty, empathy, and ability to lead.

Season 1 sets the stage for Daryl Dixon to keep growing and changing in the following seasons. This makes him one of the most popular and long-lasting characters in the show.

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