Still Up Season 1: Will Season 1 Be Released or Not?

Still Up Season 1: The ever-expanding world of television programming is about to welcome a brand-new and intriguing series that has captivated the imagination of fans worldwide.

With its intriguing mix of drama, suspense, and mystery, “Still Up” looks to be an exciting addition to the world of television. With so much anticipation, let’s take a look at the show’s premiere date, cast, trailer, and plot, and make some educated guesses about what to expect from the first season.

Still Up Season 1 Release Date

On Friday, September 22, 2023, the first three episodes of the comedy series, which will have a total of eight episodes, will have their world premiere. The subsequent episodes will be made available online every week on Friday up until the season finale, which will take place on October 27.

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Still Up Season 1

How Many Episodes Will Be in Season 1 of “Still Up”?

The precise amount of episodes that will be featured in the first season of “Still Up” has not yet been determined. Fans will need to wait for official information in order to get an actual episode count for the upcoming season of their favorite television dramas, which typically have between eight and thirteen episodes per season.

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Still Up Season 1 Cast Members

The show’s cast is made up of a lot of talented people. Antonia Thomas plays Lisa, giving her a captivating personality and a lot of depth. Craig Roberts plays Danny, bringing a mix of charm and sincerity to the role. Blake Harrison is also in the cast, and his part makes the story even more interesting.

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Lois Chimimba’s acting skills shine through in her part, which she plays with nuance and interest. Luke Fetherston gives the show its own special charm, and Rich Fulcher’s playing skills make the show more interesting as a whole.

Still Up Season 1

Samantha Spiro finishes off the group with a memorable and interesting performance that adds more depth to the story. Together, this group of things gives the audience a captivating and immersive watching experience.

Where Can Viewers Watch “Still Up” Season 1?

Season 1 of “Still Up” will premiere exclusively on Apple Plus. The show is available to subscribers of the platform.

Still Up Season 1 Storyline

The drama “Still Up” covers the lives of a number of persons who are tied to one another and whose stories eventually intersect due to unexplained events.  As the investigation progresses, the protagonists find that they are caught up in a convoluted web of falsehoods, cover-ups, and deceptive motivations.

Each episode sheds new light on the individuals’ backstories, illuminating the ways in which their lives have been entwined and the shadowy truths they have always believed to be hidden.

As the level of tension rises, new alliances are forged, old betrayals are revealed, and the characters are compelled to face their personal demons. The show deftly combines aspects of psychological suspense, drama, and mystery, which results in a riveting viewing experience that will leave viewers wanting more.

Still Up Season 1 Trailer

The universe that the series “Still Up” will investigate is introduced in a tantalizing glimpse that can be seen in the teaser trailer for the show.

The audience is left with a sense of dread and curiosity after viewing the series due to the use of visually disturbing and atmospheric elements as well as a musical score that is very evocative. The teaser gives the impression that there will be intricate relationships, covert motivations, and a web of secrets, all of which will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.


Season 1 of “Still Up” has all the makings of a compelling new entry in the world of television dramas. Audiences that like stories that keep them wondering until the end are likely to be captivated by its outstanding cast, mysterious premise, and thrilling storytelling.

Fans and beginners alike are counting down the days until the release date so they can begin this exciting trip into the heart of mystery and intrigue. Put “Still Up” on your calendars; it’s a show that deserves your attention.

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