Match Me Abroad Season 2: When Will Season 2 Be Released?

Match Me Abroad Season 2: Match Me Abroad, TLC’s newest hit is different from other reality dating shows in a unique way. Fans can’t wait for Season 2 of Match Me Abroad. This interesting show is based on famous shows like 90 Day Fiance. It follows the lives of single Americans who have given up on dating in the United States.

In their search for love, these people go to other countries and hire matchmakers to help them find their soulmates there. During this unusual way of dating, the matchmakers and singles form a strong tie of trust, which makes for an interesting dynamic.

When Will Match Me Abroad Season 2 Be Released?

Match Me Abroad got its first season on TLC on May 14, 2023. At this point, there have been no public announcements or rumors about the show’s possible second season.

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Match Me Abroad Season 2

Still, there are rumors that the people who made Match Me Abroad are thinking about bringing it back for another season. Plans for a second season, on the other hand, are not yet set in stone.

Please note that the reports about Match Me Abroad Season 2 have not yet been confirmed by Match Me Abroad. No concrete plans have been made yet for the second season. If a second season does happen, it’s not likely to happen before 2025.

What Will Be The Plot For Match Me Abroad Season 2?

The show is filmed in many beautiful places, like Prague, Colombia, and New Jersey, to name a few. Single people in these countries go on a trip to find love with the help of Match Me Abroad.

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With the help of skilled matchmakers, participants are pushed to leave their comfort zones and stop falling for the same old things. Through this process, the people on the show find their real soulmates, which is what makes it different from other dating shows. Match Me Abroad is different because it pairs each person with a partner from a different continent. This shows how important it is for people to meet across regions.

This makes the show more entertaining and adds an air of tension, which keeps the audience interested throughout the show.

The Cast Of Match Me Abroad Season 2

Katarina Memcova, Juan Nino, and Nina Kharoufeh will make up most of Season 2 of Match Me Abroad’s group. Nina lives in New Jersey, even though her family is from Palestine.

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Match Me Abroad Season 2

She loves the tasks of her job and finds it fun to bring people together by setting them up on dates. Kharoufeh, on the other hand, has a lot of experience with intracontinental, international, and religious weddings and is always learning more about these things.

Their hard work and knowledge make a big difference in the success of their jobs and the happiness of their clients. Juan Nino is a unique mix of a realist and a dreamer, and he thinks that fate has a lot to do with meeting the right person.

Katarina Memcova was born in Prague, and she loves her job very much because it helps people find real happiness. She is happy to show off her high success rate and impressive track record.

The list of single people who will be on Match Me Abroad Season 2 has not yet been made public by the show’s makers or broadcaster.

Match Me Abroad Season 2 Trailer

The official teaser for Season 1 of “Match Me Abroad” has already caused quite a commotion on the internet. There is no trailer video available for the second season of Match Me Abroad.

The teaser has spawned a plethora of conversations and speculations amongst the fans, which has brought the level of excitement to an all-time high.


Most people think that matchmakers are no longer needed in the modern world, but Match Me Abroad disproves this idea and shows that matching is still a relevant and important idea. The show does a good job of showing how important matching is by showing how many young people still want it.

These programs that help people meet each other add to the allure and beauty of this new way to find love. Are you going to watch Match Me Abroad’s second season?

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