The Trunk Season 1 Release Date: Where to Watch This Show?

The Trunk Season 1 Release Date: The range of programming that can be accessed by viewers is becoming increasingly varied in tandem with the development of the television industry as a whole. “The Trunk,” a widely anticipated series that promises a blend of mystery, intrigue, and human psychology, is one example of an exciting new addition to the entertainment landscape.

In this post, we will look into the most important components of “The Trunk” Season 1, including its debut date, cast, trailer, plot, projected rating, and our conclusion on what fans can anticipate from this fascinating new show.

The Trunk Season 1 Release Date

Throughout the course of the play, there will be a lot of intriguing events, which will make it tough to maintain that level of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, as at the time this article was written, Netflix has not yet made The Trunk available to its users.

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The Trunk Season 1 Release Date

Despite the fact that production on Trunk has not yet begun, we are confident in predicting that the show will debut on Netflix during the second half of 2024. Netflix has continued to withhold information from us despite the fact that it’s possible the year we predicted was only a guess.

The Trunk Season 1 Cast

Gong Yoo has been cast in the role of Han Jeong Won. Gong Yoo, who has millions of users on Netflix around the world, played the role of the marketer who hired Seong Gi Hoon in the Netflix original series Squid Game.

In addition, he was seen in the Korean science fiction drama The Silent Sea, which can be streamed on Netflix. Gong Yoo has become a well-known actor thanks to his roles in the films Train to Busan and Goblin, in addition to his work on Netflix.

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Seo Hyun Jin has been cast in the role of Noh In Ji. Seo Hyun Jin has appeared in a number of dramas that have been streamed on Netflix, including Record of Youth and You Are My Spring. Users of Netflix are likely familiar with her.

Aside from her work on Netflix, she is probably most known for her roles in dramatic productions such as “Here Comes Mr. Oh” and “Ddo, the Goddess of Fire.”

The Trunk Season 1 Plot

The two main characters in The Trunk are Han Jung Won, a music producer, and Noh In Ji, the CEO of NM, a fixed-term marriage service organization.

They are against equal marriage. Noh In Ji decides against getting married despite the fact that doing so would be beneficial to her profession. Seo Hyun-Jin portrays In-Ji, a contract marriage service provider.

The service provides couples who agree to one-year contract marriage to each other. In-Ji’s fourth contract marriage has ended. Her sixth contract marriage brings her into contact with Jung-Won (Gong Yoo).

The Trunk Season 1 Release Date

Music production is Jung-Won’s day job. Fear and isolation permeate his life as a result of his past trauma.

He can’t help but pine for his ex-wife Seo-Yeon, who submitted his application to NM as his spouse provider. Jung-Won remarries after meeting and falling in love with New Mexico native In-Ji. They grow to like one another over time. A weird trunk turns up in a lake one day. As a result, they are thrown into an intricate web of lies.

The Trunk Season 1 Trailer

A fascinating look into the world of “The Trunk” may be seen in the promotional video for the show. The trailer gives audiences a taste of the suspenseful mystery and psychological drama that they may expect to see in the whole film through its use of ominous imagery, dramatic music, and interesting speech excerpts.

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The preview does a good job of providing a taste of the main storyline while also leaving enough room for wonder and conjecture.

Where to Watch The Trunk?

If you have a Netflix account and a subscription, you are able to watch the first season of The Trunk.


The first season of “The Trunk” is well on its way to establishing itself as a compelling addition to the world of television. The show has the potential to keep viewers on the edge of their seats because of its intriguing storyline, impressive cast, and thematic examination of different aspects of the human psyche.

“The Trunk” has already produced excitement and expectation, and it is safe to say that this new mystery series is worth keeping an eye on. While we eagerly await its arrival, “The Trunk” has already generated excitement and anticipation.

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