Motel Makeover Season 2: Release Date And All You Need To Know!

Motel Makeover Season 2 Release Date: Are you ready to see more inspiring changes, creative home design, and interesting stories? If so, you should be happy because “Motel Makeover” is coming back for a second season!

After the success of the first season, the second season of this fun home improvement show looks like it will have even more ideas and makeover adventures. From old hotels to beautiful vacation spots, the show continues to show what it means to make your dreams come true.

Motel Makeover Season 2 Renewal Status

On August 25, 2021, the whole first season of the reality show came out on Netflix. Even though people liked the first season of Motel Makeover, Netflix has not yet announced that there will be a second season.

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Motel Makeover Season 2

This is unusual for Netflix since repeats are usually announced a few months after a show starts. In this case, more than ten months have passed and there has been no news.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, however, the home repair theme grew in popularity in a big way. So, there is a small chance that Netflix will let Motel Makeover return for a second season. But we don’t know any of this for sure. Before making any firm plans, we need to know for sure.

Motel Makeover Season 2 Release Date

On August 25, 2021, all of the episodes of the first season of “Motel Makeover” were put on Netflix. The first season has six shows, and each one lasts about 30 minutes.

The show could be a source of inspiration for everyone who watches it, but especially for dreamers who need a break from the daily grind.

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Here’s what we know so far about Season 2: Netflix, which is the main place where the show is shown, has not renewed it yet.

Also, even though there were many problems, production for the first season kept going during the coronavirus outbreak. So, if ‘Motel Makeover’ gets picked up for a second season, it will take a while to film. ‘Motel Makeover’ season 2 will start in 2023 if this trend holds.

The Storyline of Motel Makeover Season 2

As we said at the beginning, this is going to be an interesting show. The main people are April Brown and Sarah Sklash. They quit their normal office jobs to follow their dreams of starting their own businesses in home improvement and interior design.

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Motel Makeover Season 2

The owners of the inn, April and Sarah, turned a run-down motel in Sauble Beach, Ontario, into a luxury place to stay. The name of the show comes from the fact that by the end, we would have seen a motel get a beautiful new look and be rebuilt.

Since the season was shot in 2020, when the coronavirus outbreak was at its worst, Sarah and Brown will have a lot of trouble. For anyone interested in design, the show is a must-see.

Motel Makeover Season 2 Cast

April Brown, a motelier and one of the show’s featured guests is the co-founder of June Motel. She has a passion for exploring new places and shares stories of her travels frequently on social media.

She is experienced in the field of public relations, having previously held positions at American Express and Nike, among others.

In 2016, April and her best friend, Sarah Sklash, began working together, setting them on their present career path. Sklash is not only a co-owner but also a co-host of June Motel.

She held positions as a project manager and business analyst prior to entering the home improvement industry. Therefore, they may take on yet another construction job in the upcoming season.

What To Expect From Motel Makeover Season 2?

The first season of Netflix’s reality show Motel Makeover was about April Brown and Sarah Sklash, who used to be friends and then went into business together.

The two of them quit their 9-to-5 jobs to pursue their interests in interior design and home improvement. The Motel is owned by April and Sarah. Together, they turned the Motel in Sauble Beach, Ontario, from a broken-down mess into a great place to stay.

April and Sarah renovated the motel in season one. Thus, “The Motel Makeover.” Sarah and Brown will struggle due to funding constraints and the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Design enthusiasts will love it. We expect Motel Makeover Season 2 to follow the same pattern. The second season may have a different hotel or location. However, April and Sarah’s house improvements shouldn’t change.

Motel Makeover Season 2 Trailer

We are releasing the trailer for the first season of Motel Makeover, and the first season of the show, which consists of six episodes, is now available to watch in its entirety on Netflix.


Season 2 of “Motel Makeover” promises to be just as inspiring, creative, and full of wonderful stories as Season 1. Fans of the program can’t wait for the release date to be revealed in anticipation of fresh adventures, design difficulties, and intriguing changes.

Let’s get ready for another dose of renovation excitement as we await the second season, which will show us the beauty of making dreams a reality one motel at a time.

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