High Potential Season 1 Release Date: Who Are the Expected Cast Members of The Show?

High Potential Season 1 Release Date: ABC has officially given a series order to the pilot for High Potential Season 1, which stars Kaitlin Olson and is directed by Drew Goddard. High Potential has become the favorite among ABC’s 2023 pilots, so the choice to pick it up doesn’t come as a surprise. The story is based on the popular French detective show HIP (High Intellectual Potential), which has created a lot of excitement and buzz.

With the series order, fans can look forward to diving into the interesting world of High Potential Season 1 as it airs on ABC. The show claims to have interesting stories and characters, as well as a unique mix of mystery and intellectual depth. Fans can’t wait for High Potential to start, and it’s sure to be a hit with its new take on the detective genre.

High Potential Season 1 Release Date

The drama series “High Potential” has been added to ABC’s list of shows for the 2023-2024 season. Along with the already-established “9-1-1,” this is the second drama show to join the network’s lineup for the coming season. After its sixth season on Fox, “9-1-1” will move to ABC for its seventh season. This is an interesting change.

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High Potential Season 1 release date

As the 2023-2024 season approaches, fans of both “9-1-1” and the soon-to-be-aired “High Potential” can look forward to getting caught up in the shows’ gripping stories and interesting characters. ABC’s move to put money into these shows is that it wants to have a varied lineup that appeals to a wide range of people.

Stay tuned for the next season, when “9-1-1” will be replaced by “High Potential.” Both shows promise to be exciting and keep fans on the edge of their seats.

High Potential Season 1 Plot

In Season 1 of ABC Signature’s High Potential, Kaitlin Olson plays Morgan, a smart single mother of three. Morgan, a police department cleaner, solves a crime by rearranging evidence. Her intellectual prowess and innate ability to organize and network attract the authorities.

After understanding her skills, the police recruit Morgan as a consultant. She joins Daniel Sunjata’s veteran and conventional detective Karadec. Morgan’s creativity and Karadec’s rigor create an unbeatable force. They handle complex problems using their collective intelligence and conventional investigation.

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High Potential Season 1 release date

As the series progresses, Morgan’s unique tactics and bright findings, combined with Karadec’s expertise and knowledge, lead to big investigations.

Karadec’s rule-following and Morgan’s creativity should be fascinating. High Potential’s brilliant protagonist reinvents the crime-solving genre.

The show shows how intelligence can solve seemingly insurmountable difficulties. As Morgan and Karadec fight for justice, viewers can expect fascinating cases, a character-driven narrative, and an unexpected friendship. Due to its unique premise and great cast, High Potential will be a thrilling and thought-provoking TV show.

Who Are the Expected Cast Members of the “High Potential” Season 1?

The cast of High Potential is fantastic, with Kaitlin Olson taking on the character of Morgan and serving as the show’s protagonist. Karadec is an experienced investigator who works alongside Morgan, and Daniel Sunjata plays the role of Karadec in this show.

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Daphne, portrayed by Javicia Leslie and expected to play a key part in the series’ plot, is one of the main characters. Amirah J plays the role of Ava, while Deniz Akdeniz brings the character of Lev “Oz” Osman to life. Matthew Lamb has been added to the group in the role of Elliot, and Judy Reyes will play the role of Selena to complete the outstanding ensemble.

Where to Watch High Potential?

You can watch High Potential on your iOS or Android device by downloading the ABC app. Alternatively, you may watch the show online at ABC.com. The series is also available on streaming media players including Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Listen in on High Potential via the ABC app or stream it on ABC.com and linked devices to keep up with the exciting investigations and compelling personalities.


The first season of “High Potential” has been successful in generating excitement and enthusiasm within the entertainment industry. It should come as no surprise that fans are anxiously anticipating the publication of this work given its original premise, outstanding ensemble cast, and the promise of an engrossing narrative.

As the entertainment industry prepares for what may be another smash hit, audiences are left to contemplate the power of storytelling and the capacity it has to bring people together.

In conclusion, despite the fact that the specific release date of the first season of “High Potential” may continue to be cloaked in obscurity for the time being, the enthusiasm around the show’s imminent arrival cannot be denied.

Fans are getting ready to embark on a new voyage that will be shown on television, and one can only hope that the series will live up to its potential and deliver the exciting experience that people have been eagerly looking for.

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