Who is Dallas Goedert Girlfriend? The Relationship Between Dallas Goedert and Aria Meyer

Dallas Goedert Girlfriend: Athletes in the professional ranks frequently receive accolades for outstanding achievements in their respective sports.

Every great athlete, though, has a life outside of sports that plays a role in their success. One such player is Dallas Goedert, a tight end with the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL.

His football skills are well-known, but I think it’d be interesting to learn more about his off-the-field life, especially his connection with his fiancée.

Who is Dallas Goedert Girlfriend?

The excellent NFL athlete Dallas Goedert, who is well-known for his stellar on-field exploits, has also been creating headlines away from the game.

Especially noteworthy is his adoring relationship with Aria Meyer, who not only hails from South Dakota but also has an impressive academic background. South Dakota State University has much to do with Aria Meyer being the exceptional nurse that she is today.

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Dallas Goedert Girlfriend

Their bond is an example of the profound bonds that can develop between people who have a common history and set of beliefs. Together, Dallas and Aria are an inspiration on and off the field because of their combined talents and drive in their respective fields.

Dallas Goedert Bio

Name Dallas Goedert
Date of Birth 3 January 1995
Place of Birth Havana, North Dakota, United States
Nationality American

Mother: Mary Carlson

Father: Gary Carlson

Net worth $1.5 million

Aria Meyer Bio

Name Aria Meyer
Date of Birth January 12, 1995
Age 28 years old
Nationality American
Net worth $1 Billion

When Did Dallas Goedert and Aria Meyer Meet?

In a delightful twist of destiny, Aria Meyer shared a photo of Dallas Goedert on social media in October 2020, a moment that resonated with fans and followers.

She humorously disclosed in the caption that their journey together began long before their NFL and nursing careers, tracing their connection back to elementary school.

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Aria Meyer and Dallas Goedert have chosen to maintain a level of privacy regarding the specifics of their romantic relationship, despite their shared history and strong connection.

While their childhood friendship has endured the test of time, the precise beginning of their romantic journey remains a closely guarded secret, adding intrigue to their heartwarming tale.

The Relationship Between Dallas Goedert and Aria Meyer

Dallas Goedert is currently seeing a nurse from South Dakota. Aria Meyer comes from the same background as him and is also from South Dakota.

Their common educational experiences at Britton-Hecla High School and afterward at South Dakota State University provide a fascinating backstory to their friendship.

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Dallas Goedert Girlfriend

They have grown closer over the years, but they haven’t shared many specifics about their relationship. Goedert, the tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Meyer’s story is one of a friendship that has flourished out of the limelight despite their shared city and alma institution.

Dallas Goedert Dating Life

Dallas Goedert is getting ready for the 2023 Super Bowl, where he and his team, the Philadelphia Eagles, will show off their skills. Aria Meyer, his longtime partner, and loyal friend, is likely to be in the crowd and will be cheering him on with a lot of joy.

Their relationship seems to have started when they were in high school, and it has only gotten stronger over time. Their relationship has stood the test of time, and the way they complement each other shows how beautiful it is.

As people get more excited about the Super Bowl, seeing Dallas and Aria together is sure to warm the hearts of many. This is a sign of how strong and sweet their love story is.

The Support System Behind the Athlete

There is always a group of people who are instrumental in an athlete’s success but are not the athlete themselves. It is highly possible that Dallas Goedert’s girlfriend is an indispensable component of this network.

The presence of a supportive partner in an athlete’s life can make a huge impact on their path, whether it is through the provision of words of encouragement, the celebration of achievements, or the provision of a sense of stability.


The details of Dallas Goedert’s relationship with his girlfriend are mostly kept secret, but their closeness is a big part of his happiness and success as a whole. It’s a reminder that even though players are often praised for what they do on the field, their personal lives are just as important.

As fans, we can admire how hard they work at their jobs and in their relationships, but we should also respect their privacy and personal space.

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