Who is Lorenzo Musetti Girlfriend? How Did They Meet?

Lorenzo Musetti Girlfriend: The young and talented Italian tennis prodigy Lorenzo Musetti has not only been making waves on the court, but he has also captivated the interest of fans and the media with his intriguing home life.

Even though his tennis skills are well known, many people are interested in learning more about his romantic life, particularly the woman who is now dating him. Let’s get into the specifics of Lorenzo Musetti’s relationship with his girlfriend so that we may get a better understanding of this facet of his life.

Lorenzo Musetti Bio

Name Lorenzo Musetti
Date of Birth 3 March 2002
Place of Birth Carrara, Italy
Nationality Italian



Net worth $3 million

Who is Lorenzo Musetti Girlfriend?

On the other hand, Veronica Confalonieri is a graphic designer working for Sky Sports (Italy) and is originally from France. In 2022, they announced their romance to the world via various social media platforms.

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Lorenzo Musetti Girlfriend

Since that time, the two have never been parted and have traveled together to many places throughout the world, including the Maldives, Monte-Carlo, and Australia.

Veronica Confalonieri Bio

Italian professional tennis player Lorenzo Musetti. He began playing tennis at age 4 and is already a professional. He had an impressive debut in junior tennis, taking first place at the 2019 Australian Open Boys’ Singles.

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His two ATP singles titles came against world no. 1 Carlos Alcaraz and no. 2 Matteo Berrettini in 2022 at the Hamburg European Open and the Tennis Napoli Cup, respectively.

Musetti’s wealth is reported to be around $3 million to several websites. Nike, Rolex, Kia, Head, Parmacotto, and Inkospor are just some of the companies he has endorsed.

How Did Lorenzo Musetti and Veronica Confalonieri Meet?

Due to the fact that the couple keeps their personal lives very quiet, the specifics of how and when they initially met are unknown.

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Nevertheless, Lorenzo and Veronica made their love known to the public on Instagram in the year 2022, and ever since then, they have been together. In addition, the couple was observed in February 2023 spending time together when vacationing in the Maldives.

When Did Lorenzo Musetti Start Dating?

Social media has added a new dimension to the practice of coming out as a couple. The couple decided to make their romance Instagram official in 2022 by declaring their relationship status in a single post.

Her rise to prominence as a graphic designer at Sky Sports Italy intertwined with his as a rising tennis star made their narrative stand out among the clicks and scrolls.

Lorenzo Musetti Girlfriend

Their paths crossed at a high-profile event organized by Super Tennis, where they were able to combine their romantic and professional interests.

Their common goals were brought to the forefront at this meeting. Lorenzo Musetti’s girlfriend Veronica stood by his side when he accepted the 2022 Best Italian Player award, a symbol of their undying love and mutual pride in his success.

The trip they took together was a picture of love and drive in perfect harmony, set against the canvas of their mutual interests and professional triumphs.

How long have Lorenzo Musetti and Veronica Confalonieri been dating?

There is no information regarding how they first became romantically involved with one another or how long they have been together.

In spite of this, the stunning couple announced their romance to the world in 2022. They have been seen taking vacations in the Maldives, Australia, and Monte Carlo together because they enjoy going on trips together so much.

Veronica Confalonieri and Lorenzo Musetti Social Media Accounts

Veronica Confalonieri Lorenzo Musetti
Instagram Instagram
Twitter Twitter
Facebook Facebook


The tennis pro loves to keep his personal life under wraps, therefore the identity of Lorenzo Musetti’s girlfriend is still unknown.

His on-court success has been widely reported on and appreciated, but the details of his personal life have remained largely under wraps.

Supporting his tennis career while respecting his desire for personal space is the least we can do as supporters. Information regarding Musetti’s private life is best obtained from reliable sources and official comments.

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