Who is Aaron Nesmith Girlfriend? Past and Current Relationship Status!

Aaron Nesmith Girlfriend: Basketball star Aaron Nesmith has won the hearts of sports fans all around the world with his incredible talent and prowess on the court.

While his professional career and passion for the game have been the subject of numerous articles, little is known about his private life, especially his romantic relationships. In this piece, we explore Aaron Nesmith’s romantic life and do our best to identify his mysterious girlfriend.

Aaron Nesmith Bio

Name Aaron Joshua Nesmith
DOB 16 October 1999
Birthplace Charleston, South Carolina
Nationality American
Girlfriend Jordan Smith
Profession Basketball Player
Net Worth approximately $3 million

Who is Aaron Nesmith Girlfriend?

Aaron Nesmith is delighted to be in a committed relationship with Jordan Smith at the present time. Since they met in college at Vanderbilt, the couple has remained together, and they have never been bashful about posting images of themselves together on social media.

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aaron nesmith girlfriend

Nevertheless, in spite of the numerous public appearances that they have made together as a couple, they have been successful in keeping any additional information regarding their relationship hidden from the internet.

Aaron Nesmith Past Relationship Status

Talented NBA player Aaron Nesmith, noted for his shooting and defense, has kept his personal life under wraps. However, there have been assumptions and assumptions made regarding his romantic history.

Despite his meteoric rise to fame on the basketball court, Nesmith has kept his personal life under wraps. His fans and the media have been on a mission to learn more about his personal life, but the 6’6″ shooting guard would rather talk about his accomplishments on the court.

Whether Aaron Nesmith is now single or has been in the past, it is evident that he would rather not discuss his personal life, opting instead to let his play on the court speak for itself.

Current Relationship Status of Aaron Nesmith

Because of her accomplishments in track and field, Jordan Smith, who is dating Aaron Nesmith, has a high level of education and is well-known in her community.

In the year 2020, she graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree. This charming couple had their first encounter in school, and they started dating in the year 2020.

Before he started seeing Nesmith, Smith was in a relationship with Collins McCormick. Nesmith was Smith’s second girlfriend. On May 8, 2016, Collins shared a photo on her Instagram account showing the two of them perspiring while on a date.

aaron nesmith girlfriend

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After dating for two or three years, they decided to get a divorce and start a new life together. Following the conclusion of their marriage, Jordan began a romantic connection with Nesmith, and she appeared to be pleased with her dating life.

When Did Aaron Nesmith Start Dating?

It was reportedly in the year 2020 when the couple started dating. While Nesmith entered the NBA Draft after finishing his college career, Jordan Smith was graduating from Vanderbilt in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

Then, from August 2022 and May 2023, she was enrolled at the University of Georgia working for a Master of Science degree in Sports Management.

Aaron Nesmith Professional Life

Aaron Nesmith has had a phenomenally successful career. Since joining the NBA, he has consistently impressed fans and fellow players with his skill on the court.

Nesmith is an important member of his squad due to his skill as a shooting guard. His outstanding performances and career-changing moments on the court are the result of his tireless work ethic and dedication to progress.

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Nesmith is a versatile player who can have an effect on the game on both ends of the court thanks to his offensive and defensive abilities.

He’s one of the league’s brightest young stars because he keeps improving and expanding every year. Aaron Nesmith’s professional career is a reflection of his doggedness, talent, and dedication to basketball. Fans are excited to see this exceptional athlete reach even greater heights in the future as he continues to make gains in his career.

Aaron Nesmith And Jordan Smith Social Media Accounts

Aaron Nesmith Jodan Smith
Instagram Instagram
Twitter Twitter


Fans of Aaron Nesmith, a professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics, will be interested in learning more about his life off the court, particularly whether or not he is dating anyone. However, it is critical to refrain from making assumptions and respect his privacy.

While we all applaud Aaron Nesmith’s incredible basketball abilities, we should equally respect his desire to keep his private life out of the spotlight.

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