Who Was Trevor Francis’ Wife, Helen Francis?

Who Was Trevor Francis’ Wife, Helen Francis?: Few football players have received as much adulation as Trevor Francis. A revolutionary English forward, he made a lasting impression on football fans all around the world during his playing career.

Trevor Francis’s wife, Helen, was a rock for him personally throughout his successful professional life. Helen may not have been a household name, but she played a significant part in Trevor’s life, providing constant encouragement and helping pave the way for his professional football career. This page provides background on the legendary football player’s ex-girlfriend, Helen Francis.

Trevor Francis Bio

Attribute Details
Full Name Trevor John Francis
Date of Birth April 19, 1954
Date of Death 24 July 2023
Place of Birth Plymouth, England
Height 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)
Playing Position Forward
Nationality English
Playing Career 1971 – 1994
Clubs Birmingham City, Nottingham Forest, Man City, Sampdoria, Other
International Career 1976 – 1986
England Caps 52
England Goals 12

Helen Francis Bio

Attribute Details
Full Name Helen Francis
Birth Date  1954
Death Date  April 2017
Place of Birth Birmingham, England
Height  5 Feet 10 Inch
Nationality American

Who Was Trevor Francis Wife?

1974 was the year that Francis wed Helen. The couple’s union resulted in the birth of two children. On April 5th, 2017, news broke that Helen Francis had passed away the day before.

Who Was Trevor Francis’ Wife, Helen Francis

On April 13, 2012, it was announced that Francis was making a recovery in the hospital after reportedly suffering a heart attack.

Did Trevor Francis Have Children?

John married the passion of his life, Helen (née Allcard), in 1974, and their marriage was characterized by deep love and camaraderie.

Their commitment to each other through thick and thin made their marriage an inspiration to others. John’s loss of Helen in 2017 was tragic and has left an indelible hole in his life.

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Still, the legacy of their love is reflected in the success of the wonderful family they created with their two sons, Matthew and James.

John and their children continue to be guided by Helen’s memory, which encourages them to treasure the time they had together and to take on the challenges of life with the courage and optimism she gave them.

What Has Happened to Trevor Francis?

According to a statement released on behalf of the Francis family on Monday, he suffered a heart attack on Monday morning while at home in Marbella.

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Francis, who began his career in management by serving as a player-manager, had his headquarters in Solihull as well. In the statement that was released on behalf of the family, it was said that “this has come as a huge shock to everybody.”

Trevor Francis Death

Trevor John Francis, a prominent figure in the sport of football, passed into football immortality on that tragic day in July of 2023. As word of his death spread, however, a tremendous sense of victory permeated the air as people remembered and honored his extraordinary life.

Who Was Trevor Francis’ Wife, Helen Francis

Trevor, a legendary forward who will forever be remembered for his contributions to the game, passed away at his house in the Marbella area of Spain. Age 69 was no barrier to his prowess on the football field, which he dominated for so many years.

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His passing brought great sadness to many, but it also served as a sobering reminder of what he had accomplished in his life.

His football career was a showcase for his talents, and he played for illustrious teams in several countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Scotland, and Australia. His deftness and poise left opponents in awe, and he forever cemented his place in sports lore.

The Love Story of Trevor and Helen Francis

Both Trevor Francis and Helen Mary were in their younger years when they first met one another, and their relationship blossomed over the years.

They wed in a private ceremony that was kept away from the scrutiny of the public, which was a reflection of Helen’s desire for discretion in her personal life. The pair maintained a high level of discretion in their personal life, only sometimes appearing in public or at social occasions together.


The accomplishments of athletes tend to overshadow those of their partners and spouses in the sports world. Helen Francis, the wife of football great Trevor Francis, personified the resiliency and unwavering love that propels any star performer to the top of their game.

Helen may not have been a fan of the limelight, but she was instrumental in her husband’s success by always being there for him and cheering him on.

Her experience serves as a reminder of all the people who, behind the scenes, discreetly support their loved ones and make sure they have everything they need to succeed.

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