Blood Oath Sequel Release Date: The Current Status of Blood Oaths

Blood Oath Sequel Release Date: Filmmakers take a risk when they try new things with their movies. But Blood Oath turned out to be good in every way. The drama movie, which was directed by Stephen Wallace, was also called Prisoners of the Sun in some places.

It came out in 1990, but it’s been back in style again recently. The movie was nominated for a number of top AFI awards in different categories. Well, Blood Oath did a good job as far as making money goes.

Strangely enough, Stephen Wallace was the one who thought that the movie might have done better if the writers had been more honest. Talking about how things are now, the Blood Oath remake is still important to people. People are also making connections between Blood Oath and Keanu Reeves, who played John Wick.

On the other hand, some people thought that the movie had already been brought back to life. What’s the real deal with the Blood Oath reboot?

Blood Oath was made by Dennis Whitburn and Charles Waterstreet, with Bryan Brown and George Takei in charge. The movie shows what really happened when Japanese forces were put on trial. It happened after the fight in Ambon in 1942.

In more detail, the story is about an Australian captain who tried to bring a Japanese baron to justice. But, unlike most movies, it didn’t end up with a unique name. Fans are already not sure if the OG is coming back or not. Let’s get down to the real facts!

What is the Current Status of Blood Oaths Come Back?

Brian Williams came up with the idea for Blood Oath in the beginning. He was the son of an officer who was in charge of bringing charges against Japanese soldiers at Ambon.

Blood Oath Release Date

The Last Bastion, a miniseries on TV, got Brian and David Williamson together so they could work on Blood Oath. In the end, they wrote it together, and later on, they also produced it. At the Village-Warner Film Studio, the whole movie was made.

When it comes to bringing back the OG Blood Oath, there are a few things that need to be watched carefully. After Prisoners of the Sun came out, plans were made for the next movie. They even chose to move forward with the $20 million project. The group was almost ready to take the next step.

Also, the Cowra breakout was said to be the focus of the next movie. But the plan was scrapped, and the project was put on hold. No one in the media knows why the follow-up was canceled. Maybe there were problems or disagreements inside that could have hurt it.

On the other hand, Backstage talked about how the short picture Blood Oath was made. Casting is going on for the movie, which has caused a lot of misunderstanding.

People say that the hiring for the short film is the start of the follow-up to Blood Oath, which came out in 1990. But that’s not true. The supernatural is said to be the theme of the short film of the same name. So, it is very different from what the people who made it said it would be.

Who’s in the Blood Oath Cast?

The 90s movie was led by Captain Cooper, who was played by Bryan Brown. George Takei played Vice-Admiral Baron Takahashi, and John Bach joined the group as Major Roberts.

Blood Oath Release Date

In addition to them, the film also featured Terry O’Quinn as Major Beckett, Deborah Unger as Sister Littell, and Sokyu Fujita as Shinnosuke Matsugae. John Clarke, Russell Crowe, and John Polson were also important in their roles. There were also some other people who played small or special parts.

Blood Oath Sequel Release Date

Since there have been no rumors that the creators of Blood Oath are working on a sequel, it’s safe to think that there won’t be one any time soon. Even if the team does the job, it won’t go down in the next few years.

It will take a long time because the writer will need to come up with a good plot. The casting process will also take some time.

Until the premiere of Blood Oath Sequel, there are lots of other shows to keep you occupied from the same genre. Mieruko Chan Season 2The Watchful Eye Season 2, and many more come under this category.


Blood Oath, a 1990 drama film directed by Stephen Wallace, has been re-released recently, earning multiple AFI awards. The movie, which was made by Dennis Whitburn and Charles Waterstreet, follows the story of an Australian captain trying to bring a Japanese baron to justice after the 1942 Ambon battle.

The movie was made by Brian Williams and David Williamson, who wrote and produced it. The current status of the Blood Oath reboot is uncertain, as plans for a $20 million project and a Cowra breakout were scrapped.

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