Are Carrington and Laurel Still Together? The Love Island USA Couple’s Shocking Announcement

Are Carrington And Laurel Still Together? In the second season of Love Island USA, fans’ favorites Carrington Rodriguez and Laurel Goldman found love after their time on the “island.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, the second season of the famous dating show was filmed. The contestants were locked away in a fancy villa at The Cromwell in Las Vegas. Still, the single people made the most of their time in Sin City by fighting for a chance to win the grand prize of $100,000.

At the start of the game, five women choose a man from a group of five men to be their first partner. Those who want to stay on the show must be in a relationship. During the season, more “Islanders” join the group, which leads to a recoupling ritual.

The player is then forced to leave the house after being left alone. The contestants also have to put their best face forward because fans can vote to get rid of a contestant from the show at certain times.

Fans liked how Carrington and Laurel’s love story seemed to be all over the place, so the two of them came in fourth place. After their time on the show, Carrington and Laurel kept looking for love, but some people now wonder if they were able to make their relationship last.

Who Are Carrington and Laurel?

Carrington and Laurel were both on the second season of Love Island USA. This is a reality dating show where single people try to find love and win money. They met at Casa Amor, which is a different villa where newcomers try to get the islanders to change partners.

Are Carrington And Laurel Still Together?

Carrington and Laurel liked each other right away and agreed to get together, but they had some problems along the way, like Carrington’s flirting with Lakeyn, another new student. But they were able to stay together until the end of the show and came in fourth.

Carrington and Laurel Broke Up in the End

The friendship between Carrington and Laurel on Love Island USA was fun to watch on TV. Kaitlynn was the first person Carrington went out with. A day after the race began, Kierstan Saulter moved into the villa, which made Carrington change her mind.

Carrington and Kierstan stayed together until Day 19, when Kierstan, who is from Utah, chose to pair up with Laurel. Carrington’s search for love didn’t end with Laurel, though. Later, he liked the new girl, Lakeyn Call, but in the end, he decided to stay with Laurel.

After the couple left, Carrington was asked about how he seemed to change his mind often, and Lakeyn said that he was only with Laurel “for the show.” Carrington had to defend himself against both accusations.

Carrington told Entertainment Tonight, “I talked to people, as I should have, and I found Laurel.” Adding, “It was a wild ride, but I got what I wanted out of it, so I’m very happy.”

Despite what Carrington said, he and Laurel did not stay together for long. Yahoo says that Carrington and Laurel will break up in December 2020. Since then, they have also stopped following each other on Instagram. This means that their short-lived relationship is over.

Carrington Has Since Talked About Why He and Laurel Broke Up

Carrington explained his choice to end things with Laurel after he told her they were breaking up. Carrington told co-star Johnny Middlebrooks during an Instagram Live session that he and Laurel did their best.

Are Carrington And Laurel Still Together?

“We weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend. “That’s fine, we knew each other for two and a half weeks before the show,” Carrington said (via YouTube). “We tried our best, but it didn’t work out.”

Carrington has stayed in Utah since then. His Instagram says that he is now an ambassador for the clothes brand boohooMAN and that he is also working with the company Playboy. He hasn’t said if he has a girlfriend or not yet. Laurel, meanwhile, has moved to Los Angeles and seems to be in a new relationship.

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In the second season of Love Island USA, Carrington Rodriguez, and Laurel Goldman found love after their time on the show. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the contestants were locked away in a luxurious villa in Las Vegas. They were tasked with finding love and winning $100,000.

Carrington and Laurel initially dated, but eventually broke up. They were later spotted by Kierstan Saulter, who chose to partner with Laurel. Carrington has since stayed in Utah and is now an ambassador for BoohooMAN and Playboy.

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