10 Movies to Watch If You’re a Fan of Barbie

10 Movies Like Barbie: We have finally reached a very important week for movies in 2023. The movies Barbie and Oppenheimer are now playing in theaters, and movie fans seem to like both of them, even though they have both caused a lot of debate. Fans are even starting to watch both movies on the same day.

They call this “doing a Barbenheimer,” and it’s good for the movie business as a whole. If you’ve already seen Barbie, here are the top 10 movies you should watch next that are related.

10 Movies Like Barbie to Watch:-

1. Lady Bird

This is a movie that Barbie fans can watch until the next one comes out. Greta Gerwig, who is known for making great movies, is in charge of making this one. This movie is about a young girl who wants to leave her city when she graduates from high school.

“Lady Bird” is what she calls herself. This movie is about a teenager’s life in general. Also, the actors in the movie did an amazing job, which is another reason why it has become so famous. Laurie Metcalf, Saoirse Ronan, and other stars like them were in the show. This movie came out in 2017, and people can watch it because it’s a lot like Barbie.

2. Toy Story

This movie is like Barbie in a lot of ways. In 1995, the first movie in this series came out. After it came out, it quickly became a fan favorite, and no 90s kid would know it. The world of toys is shown in this movie. It shows how toys come to life and what problems they face.

10 Movies Like Barbie

Also, it shows how a child feels about the toy. It is a movie about faith, friendship, loyalty, action, and a lot more. Buzz Lightyear and Woody are two of the most popular figures in the Toy Story movie series.

3. Mean Girls

Fans of Barbie can also watch this movie. 2004 was the year it came out. This movie shows us what high school kids are like and how dangerous cliques can be.

We can see Cady, a girl in her teens who just started high school. She can’t get close to Regina, who is the boss of the group “Plastics” and another girl. But as time goes on, Cady gets closer to this group.

This movie is now the best teen movie ever made. It has become so famous because the scenes and dialogue are different and interesting. Fans of Barbie will have to watch this.

4. Legally Blonde

Still another movie from 2001 that you can watch before Barbie. The story of a young girl named Elle is told in this movie. Now, she goes to Harvard Law School to win back her love. She starts out on her trip to find a man, but after a while, she becomes obsessed with Law.

Now she knows how good she is at being a lawyer. This movie shows us that girls aren’t always what people expect them to be. They can do anything that they don’t seem able to do. This movie is funny and teaches important lessons.

5. La La Land

This 2016 movie can be watched before Barbie. We can watch Barbie because it shows us how to enjoy, and wonder, and is full of music. So this movie is a great choice for people who like Barbie because it is similar to that.

10 Movies Like Barbie

Two artists meet and fall in love in this story. Both of them are having trouble with their careers and are not in a good place professionally. Mia and Seb, who are the main players, tell the story.

Ryan Gosling, who is also in Barbie, plays Seb. Fans can see how well he acts in this movie, which is great. This movie is kind of like Barbie because it has romance, drama, emotion, and memories of the past.

6. Barbie As The Princess And Pauper

It would be a sin not to talk about the Barbie movie when we talk about other movies like it. 2004 was the year it came out. This movie tells the story of two Barbie girls who look the same but come from different places.

This is a singing movie about how to go after your dreams. It also shows us how to find ourselves and be truthful with ourselves. This is a movie that fans of Barbie can see before it comes out.

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7. Marriage Story

Another 2019 movie that can be watched before Barbie is this one. As the name of the movie suggests, this movie is about marriage and divorce. It talks about the obstacles and hard parts of getting a divorce.

Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver play the main characters in this movie. This movie shows us what real relationships are like and how they make us feel.

10 Movies Like Barbie

It shows how hard it is to be in a relationship that is ending and what it feels like to lose someone. So you can learn about relationships from this movie.

8. The Princess Diaries

The story of this movie, which came out in 2001, made it another one to watch before Barbie. This is the story of a high school girl named Mia who finds out that she is the heir to a country in Europe. At first, she is shy, awkward, and doesn’t like being in public.

After she meets her grandma, everything in her life changes. So, this comedy movie will show you what it’s like to be a princess, and it’s as cute as a Barbie.

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9. 13 Going On 30

The year 2004 was when this love comedy came out. In this movie, Jenna is shown to be a successful woman after she graduates from high school. She hopes to be pretty and successful when she grows up.

This dream of hers came true, which shocked her. The story is about what happens after this day when she gets what she wants. It tells us that the point isn’t to be famous and get a lot of attention. This movie should be seen before Barbie.

10. The Wizard Of Oz

This 1939 beautiful movie will take us to a place where Barbie lives. Dorothy is the main character in this movie. She ends up in a magical world and has to figure out how to get back home.

People still remember the songs and scenes from this movie about friendship and faith. This movie is for people who are interested in magic and want to be taken to a magical world. People who like Barbie should watch this before the movie comes out.

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