Is GG Derrico Still Alive? Her Inspiring Journey of Fighting Cancer and Celebrating Life

Is GG Derrico Still Alive? In recent episodes of the famous reality show “Doubling Down with the Derricos,” it was revealed that Marian Derrico, also known as “GG Derrico,” had lung cancer again. This has brought the show a lot of attention.

Since 2020, the reality show about Deon and Karen and their 14 kids, including triplets, quintuplets, and two sets of twins, has been on TV.

Before, it was known that GG Derrico, a loving grandmother, was having some worrying signs. She was just getting better after having surgery on her heart when she found out that her lung cancer had come back.

Is GG Derrico Still Alive?

Yes, GG is still living and doing well after her treatment for cancer. Deon Derrico, who is GG’s son, told fans about his mother’s health. He told her that she was doing great and getting better after her cancer treatment.

The Latest on GG Derrico’s Health

Look at what GG and her family have said about her health in the past few weeks:

GG Derrico is Still Living and Getting Better

GG Derrico was first told he had lung cancer in 2014. After treatment, he was getting better. Unfortunately, the cancer spread and got bigger in 2022, so she had to start treatment again.

Is GG Derrico Still Alive?

In recent shows of Doubling Down with the Derricos, GG Derrico’s doctor told her some bad news, even though the treatment was going well. It was found that she had very few white blood cells, which could make her more likely to get sick. Doctors told her to stay away from people and get enough rest.

The news was terrible, and fans started praying right away for GG to get better quickly. The TLC’s Instagram post shows GG crying and talking about how all of this is not only hurting her physical health but also her mental health.

Deon Derrico told the producers: “I saw my mother cry, and it broke my heart.”

“I am going to be an absolute wreck if anything happens to my mother. But I absolutely have to put on a brave face for her, and I have to put on a brave face for my children.”

Also, he said:

“I keep saying to her, Ma, it’s okay, you are gonna get through this. But what the hell, I’m even thinking, “What now?”

How is GG Doing Now?

This season of Doubling Down with the Derricos is all about GG Derrico’s fight against cancer. It also shows that GG doesn’t want to see her doctor and is now looking for other ways to treat her cancer.

Is GG Derrico Still Alive?

Her son Deon Derrico recently told fans how she is doing now. Even though he didn’t give a lot of information, he gave a good report. Deon Derrico wrote in the tweet:

“Thank you for this. GG is doing much better, but when the lies first dropped as you can imagine it was devasting! To all of us! No one likes being lied to, but that lie was the dirtiest lie in the world. also very risky because some people saw the lie.”



GG Derrico, a grandmother on the reality show “Doubling Down with the Derricos,” has been diagnosed with lung cancer again. Despite initial signs of improvement, the cancer spread and recurred in 2022. GG’s son Deon Derrico confirmed her good health and that she is doing well after cancer treatment.

Fans have prayed for her quick recovery and expressed their support for her. GG’s son Deon Derrico recently shared updates on her condition, stating that she is doing much better.

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