Jace Norman Dating: Why Did Jace Norman and Isabela Moner Break Up?

Jace Norman Dating: Jace Norman, a skilled young actor who has appeared in popular Nickelodeon shows like “Henry Danger” and “Danger Force,” has a huge number of fans.

Fans have always been interested in his personal life, especially his love relationships, even more than in how well he acts.

As Jace’s fame has grown, there have been many reports and guesses that he is dating someone. In this piece, we’ll look at Jace Norman’s dating life, separating fact from fiction and focusing on his real-life love experiences.

Who is Jace Norman?

Accomplished American actor Jace Lee Norman rose to popularity with his extraordinary performance as Henry Hart in the critically acclaimed Nickelodeon television series Henry Danger, which he portrayed from 2014 until 2020. Henry Danger was shown on Nickelodeon.

Jace Lee Norman rose to prominence with his performance. Jace was born in Corrales, New Mexico, on March 21, 2000; yet, when he was just eight years old, the family relocated to Southern California.

Jace Norman Dating

His years in middle school were unfortunately plagued by incidents of bullying, with dyslexia being the victim of such brutal treatment.

In addition to his extraordinary abilities, Jace has a close relationship with his older brother and older sister, which contributes to the formation of a family that is both caring and supportive.

Who is Jace Norman Dating?

According to the most up-to-date reports, Jace Norman is currently single. In spite of his fame from Nickelodeon episodes like “Henry Danger” and “Danger Force,” the young actor has chosen to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

There have been many persistent rumors and suspicions about Jace’s romantic relationships over the years, but he has always preferred to keep his private life under wraps.

Instead, he dedicates his time to performing, interacting with his fans on social media, and giving back to the community.

While it’s only normal for fans to wonder who he’s seeing, it’s important to respect his privacy wishes and give him room to focus on his professional and personal development.

Is Jace Norman Single?

Fans of the Nickelodeon series were under the impression that the actor was romantically involved with his co-star Riele Downs during the early stages of the show’s run.

However, they have dispelled speculations of a romantic relationship between them and have maintained a close friendship ever since — just like their characters Henry and Charlotte, who viewers “shipped” during the course of the show.

The actor had a brief romantic involvement with Isabela Merced, who is also a former cast member of Nickelodeon, although it is now unknown where his romantic life is.

They were together for a brief period during the year 2016, however, Jace broke the news in November of that year that they were no longer together.

Jace Norman Dating

When asked about their relationship, he responded, “Yeah, we’re just friends,” to Just Jared Jr. at the time. When it comes to what he shares on social media, the actor also noted that he does not “like to let people dictate what happens.”

The actor continued by saying, “I’m down to let them know what’s going on in my life and stuff, but… if you listen to all the comments, you don’t really have control.” I don’t really take precautions. I just do whatever comes to mind.”

Jace Norman Dating History

Jace Norman is currently in the precarious position of not knowing the state of his romantic relationships. Who or what is the focus of his affection? Isabela Merced, a fellow luminary from Nickelodeon, was the one in question.

They embarked on a whirlwind relationship together in 2016, spending a few glorious months with their emotions interwoven and their lives intertwined.

Despite this, the chapter of romance between them came to an end, just like so many other love stories. In November of that fortuitous year, our charming actor, Jace, broke the news to them that they would no longer be working together.

By saying, “Yeah, we’re just friends,” Jace graciously showed his disgust for letting others dominate his online persona.

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The actor was quoted as saying, “I’m down to let them know what’s going on in my life and stuff, but… if you listen to all of the comments, you don’t really have control.” I don’t really take precautions. I just do whatever comes to mind.”

Why Did Jace Norman and Isabela Moner Break Up?

When Nickelodeon stars Jace Norman and Isabela Moner began dating in 2016, many fans referred to them as the next big thing in young Hollywood.

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First met on the filming set of Splitting Adam, the former couple decided to go public with their relationship in April of that year, with a picture of Jace hugging Isabela from behind.

Their relationship didn’t last for very long, which was a shame. Just seven months after they announced their relationship to the public, Jace confirmed to Just Jared Jr. that the two had broken up but would continue to be friends.

But alas, not all first romances result in a happily-ever-after ending!


The acting ability and lovely attitude that Jace Norman possesses have enabled him to win the hearts of millions of people.

Even if rumors about his romantic life continue to spread, it is essential to keep in mind that everyone has the right to their own privacy and the opportunity to develop deep connections with others in a setting that is shielded from the public eye.

As fans, we have an obligation to acknowledge his accomplishments and applaud the decisions he makes, whether they concern his professional life or his personal life. Let us honor Jace Norman’s achievements while also maintaining a healthy regard for his personal space as he continues to develop as an actor and as a person.

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