Jesse Watters Makes Fun of Joe Biden’s Shirtless “Corpse” on the Beach

Jesse Watters can’t get over spotting Joe Biden at the beach without a shirt on.

Mediaite wrote that on Tuesday, the Fox News host looked at a video of the 80-year-old president taking a break in the sand as if it were “the Zapruder” home movie of John F. Kennedy’s death.

Watters said, “We don’t want to see the president lying in the sun with his chest out like a dead body.”

Watters added, “The guy was struggling to take off his shirt, and by the time he got it over his head, his milky body was fried to a crisp.” “Is it true that he had skin cancer? He better have some SPF 70. He shouldn’t let the sun take over, especially on a public beach, right?”


Joe Biden Shirtless

The right-wing media’s jabs at Biden for relaxing on the Delaware shore near his home on Saturday were made worse by the body-shaming. Watters tried to make a connection between Biden’s absence and his trip to the beach at a diplomatic dinner at the NATO meeting in Lithuania on Tuesday. The dinner was the night before a very important NATO meeting on Wednesday about the war in Ukraine.

Watters said that the president was tired because he had already worked for four days and went outside to catch some rays. He said this based on an old White House statement that had been changed.

According to news sources, the White House said that the president was getting ready for four full days of work.

Joe Biden Shirtless

He asked, “What’s his reason for not coming to dinner?” “Well, U.S. sources say that Joe has already been busy for four full days. He’s finished… We all have to work nonstop for five days.”

“But here’s the thing,” he continued. “Biden had four days off work. He arrived in Europe just yesterday. He was on a beach in Delaware before that.”

Watters has been chosen to replace Tucker Carlson permanently at 8 p.m. on Fox News. He has said in the past that Biden was “probably copying” Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose video of him doing pushups while naked went viral.

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