Who Is Ryan Garcia Wife? Is ‘Drea’ the First Child Mother of ‘Ryan Garcia’?

Who Is Ryan Garcia’s Wife: Professional boxer Ryan “The Flash” Garcia is a household name. According to The Ring, he is the sixth-best active lightweight and he is still unbeaten. He’s had 23 bouts so far, knocking out his opponents 19 times. It’s undeniable proof of KingRy’s undisputed supremacy in the ring.

He also has a large online following, with over 9 million Instagram followers. He showed off his girlfriend, Andrea Celina, better known as Drea, on the same site. Do you think she might be Ryan Garcia’s wife? Who is Ryan Garcia seeing, if anyone? The solutions are provided below; read on.

Who is Ryan Garcia?

As of the year 2021, American professional boxer Ryan Garcia holds the WBC interim lightweight title. The Ring, ESPN, and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board all have him as their sixth greatest active lightweight in the world as of May 2022, while BoxRec has him as their tenth.

Garcia made his professional debut on June 9, 2016, at the age of seventeen. He defeated Edgar Meza by technical knockout in their first professional fight. The contest took place in Tijuana. In November 2016, Garcia inked a contract with Golden Boy Promotions.

On December 17, 2016, Oscar De La Hoya confirmed that Garcia would make his professional debut on the Smith-Hopkins light-heavyweight main fight card at The Forum. Garcia scored a second-round knockout and won the fight.

Who Is Ryan Garcia’s Wife?

Garica Ryan was unable to commit to a marriage. Nonetheless, many sources claim that Ryan Garcia is married to Andrea Celina.

Who Is Ryan Garcia Wife?

Garcia still didn’t date Malu Trivajo following their kissing encounter. Even though we don’t know if they celebrated the event with a reception or not, Andrea Celina is now known as Andrea Celina Garcia.

Who Is Andrea Celina?

An Italian and Mexican personal trainer, Andrea Celina was born in 1996. She has teamed with numerous brands throughout the years as an Instagram influencer. Drea is often described as a “beach bum” because of her affinity for the ocean. Her Instagram is also full of photos of her in bikinis.

Drea’s major market is people interested in health, fitness, and cosmetics, and she monetizes her material by catering to this audience on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. In 2019, she began dating Ryan Garcia. It sounds like their relationship went through some rough patches.

Has Ryan Cheated on His Pregnant Wife?

Malu Trivajo, a TikTok celebrity, allegedly had a kiss with Ryan Garcia while Drea was pregnant. This led her to publicly shame Ryan for his infidelity, especially throughout her pregnancies.

Who Is Ryan Garcia Wife?

That argument ultimately caused the pair to split up. Despite this, it has been reported that the couple has reconciled their issues and is back together. Both Andrea Celina and Ryan Garcia value their privacy, which is why fans rarely hear from them.

The Relationship between Drea and Ryan Garcia

Ryan began dating Andrea Celina soon after he and Catherine Gamez broke up. Drea became pregnant in 2020, and in December of that year, she gave birth to a second daughter, Bela Garcia. Ryan even shared an endearing clip of him taking some punches from Drea while she was pregnant.

In addition, he has said numerous times that having daughters was a turning point in his life. Prior to Ryan’s involvement with another female, things were going great between him and Drea.

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Is Drea Ryan Garcia’s First Child’s Mother?

There is a widespread belief that Andrea Celina is Rylie Garcia’s biological mother. But alas, such is not the situation. Ryan Garcia previously dated Catherine Gamez before moving on to Drea Celina. She is a young Colombian woman born in the year 2000.

She is from a wealthy background and dated Ryan when she was a teenager. Additionally, Catherine maintains an Instagram blog. She conceived Ryan’s child in 2018 and gave birth to a daughter, Rylie Garcia. Ryan, however, ended their relationship soon after she gave birth.


Their relationship was labeled “toxic” at the time it received widespread media attention. In order to secure Rylie’s custody, the pair had to literally knock on the courthouse doors.


Ryan “The Flash” Garcia is an American professional boxer who holds the WBC interim lightweight title and is the sixth-best active lightweight in the world. He has a large online following, with over 9 million Instagram followers, and is rumored to be married to Andrea Celina, an Italian and Mexican personal trainer.

Andrea Celina is often described as a “beach bum” due to her affinity for the ocean and her Instagram is full of photos of her in bikinis. Ryan Garcia previously dated Catherine Gamez before moving on to Drea Celina, a young Colombian woman born in 2000. Drea became pregnant in 2020 and gave birth to a second daughter, Bela Garcia, in December of that year.

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