Mark Zuckerberg Goes Shirtless with UFC Fighters as He Challenges Elon Musk

Need more proof that Mark Zuckerberg has recently been feeling himself?

You only need to look at his Instagram account:

Yes, that is a picture of a chiseled Zuck standing between Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanovski, two of the most famous mixed martial arts fighters of this generation. This shows that Meta’s CEO is looking for some high-level training partners of his own.

Mark Zuckerberg shirtless

“No Fugazi with Mark. This is serious business,” Adesanya wrote in the caption of the three-slide post, referring to rumors that he and Elon Musk might fight in a cage.

The move to hire Adesanya and Volkanovski comes after Musk accepted an open offer to train from a former UFC legend over Twitter.

In a July 3 tweet, George St-Pierre stated that he “had a great training session” with Musk.

Shortly after that, Threads, Zuckerberg’s text-based social media platform and competitor to Twitter, came out. This made Musk say more mean things about him, and he even challenged him to a “dick-measuring contest.”

Zuckerberg showing off how fit he’s gotten is just the latest move in what seems to be an endless cycle of online strutting.

But the tech millionaire might also feel good about himself because Threads got 100 million sign-ups in its first five days, which is faster than ChatGPT.

Mark Zuckerberg shirtless

A spokesman for Meta wouldn’t talk to Insider about the picture or the talk about the cage fight.

It doesn’t matter if the fight happens or not. Dana White, the head of the UFC, has already said that he is happy to help set up a pay-per-view event for it. Both men get to enjoy some publicity that is driven by testosterone and focuses on their bodies instead of the goods they make.

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For what it’s worth, Musk’s author doesn’t think there’s any way the Tesla CEO would fight Zuckerberg. Instead, he thinks this public feud is just a way for the two to get their feelings out.

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