TikTok’s Chapstick Challenge: A Deadly Trend That Needs to Stop

Lipstick Challenge Tik Tok Trend: The “chapstick challenge” is a dangerous trend that is going viral on TikTok right now. It follows other dangerous trends that have gone popular on the social media site in the past. Critics of the challenge say that it makes people think about killing themselves and puts teens who are easy to influence at risk of killing themselves.

There are different versions of this challenge going around on TikTok, but the most popular one is when someone opens a brand-new tube of chapstick and puts it on for the first time, then says they will kill themselves when the chapstick runs out.

Many people think that with this task, TikTok has once again given its users a way to put their lives at risk. Several videos that are popular under the term #chapstickchallenge show teens saying that they want to kill themselves.

Why is TikTok’s “Chapstick Challenge” Dangerous?

This task isn’t very clear about what it means, since there are a lot of online challenges that involve chapstick or other lip care products.

People have told us about a challenge where people post videos of themselves putting chapstick on their lips for the first time. When they are done with their routine, they tell each other that they will kill themselves when the chapstick they just started using runs out. In short, it’s like a movie that counts down the days until they die.

Lipstick Challenge Tik Tok Trend

In forms of this challenge that are similar to it, TikTokers use chapstick to cover their self-harm scars. None of these are safe, and no one should try them under any conditions.

One user who tried this dare, Ashley Soris, said, “This is all the chapstick I have left.” People left a lot of comments on her video, telling her not to keep going with the task and hurt herself.

This Other Chapstick Challenge is Also Not a Good Idea

The other ChapStick Challenge going around on TikTok is for a friend or partner to kiss you while you have different types of ChapStick or lip balm on your lips. Then they have to try to guess what it tastes or smells like. But since they also have to voluntarily taste the balm, it’s also not a good task or trend to take part in.

The Illinois Poison Center says that it is dangerous to eat a lot of lip products like ChapStick. The balm is safe to use in small amounts, but if eaten, it can make you feel sick, throw up, and have loose stools. Even though this form of the ChapStick Challenge isn’t as dangerous as the others because of this, it can still lead to bad things.

Other Tik Tok Trends:

How People Reacted to the ‘Chapstick Challenge’?

Concerned users are telling people who are taking part in this dangerous task to stop, think, and take their mental health seriously. One person wrote,

“I know you’re struggling right now, but this isn’t a trend. You’re giving other kids the idea to start it.”

Actions Against the Chapstick Challenge

TikTok has said that this task does not exist. It said in a message that was given to EuroNews:

“At TikTok, the safety and well-being of our community is our priority and we have not found any evidence that such a trend exists. As part of our commitment to keep our community safe, our review will continue and should we find content that violates our policies, it will be removed.”

In France, where the trend seems to be spreading the most, the government has taken the matter very seriously and sent out a warning on Twitter.


The “chapstick challenge” is a dangerous trend on TikTok, where users post videos of themselves using chapstick for the first time and saying they will kill themselves when the chapstick runs out. Critics argue that this challenge puts teens at risk of self-harm and is not safe.

The Illinois Poison Center warns against consuming lip products like ChapStick, which can cause illness and loose stools. TikTok has denied the existence of the Chapstick Challenge and has issued a warning to the French government.

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