The Terminal List Season 2 Release Date: All the Details You Need to Know

The Terminal List Season 2 Release Date: If you’ve been wondering when Amazon Prime will finally bring back Chris Pratt as the haunted ex-Navy SEAL James Reece, you’ve come to the right place. The Terminal List is based on Jack Carr’s 2018 action-thriller book of the same name. When it came out in the summer of 2022, it had a lot going for it as a streaming show. But there hasn’t been much news about season 2.

In season 1 of The Terminal List, James Reece came home from a terrible mission in Syria, where he lost almost his entire team, with headaches, trouble remembering things, and anxiety. As the series goes on, though, it becomes clear that there are deeper, darker demons at play, and Reece’s life gets more complicated as he tries to find out the truth.

Reece didn’t have much left to live for, so when he found out about a secret world with terrible effects, it made him want to get even more revenge. Carr’s series has five more books, so there is still a lot of information to use. So, what do we know about the release date of The Terminal List 2?

The Terminal List Season 2 Release Date

The second season of The Terminal List was publicly announced in February 2023. We don’t know when it will come out, but it won’t be until at least 2024. So, why is James Reece taking so long to come back? Well, the most likely reason is that the show’s star, Chris Pratt, has been and continues to be very busy.

The Terminal List Season 2 Release Date

A month after the first season came out, author Jack Carr told the Daily Mail that they were in talks with Chris Pratt about the next one: “Chris wants to do it, and Amazon wants to do it. But everything could go wrong.” Adding that the amount of work and commitments in the first season “almost killed Chris”

The Terminal List Season 2 Expected Cast

There will be a twist! If you watched season 1, you know that a lot of the actors didn’t make it through all eight episodes. James Reece (Chris Pratt), however, did make it out alive.

We also know that reporter Katie Buranek (Constance Wu) made a shocking finding at the end of the season and miraculously made it through season 1 unscathed, even though she had several close calls with death.

We also know that James is going to Mozambique, which is where he and Raife are hiding out in the next book in the series. Raife hasn’t been cast yet, but we’ll let you know when we do.

Here’s the list of the cast who are likely to be in season 2 of The Terminal List:

Actor/Actress Character
Chris Pratt James Reece
Constance Wu Katie Buranek
Riley Keough Lauren
Arlo Mertz Lucy

What Will Happen in the Second Season of the Terminal List?

Jack Carr has said that season 2 of The Terminal List will have eight episodes and be based on his second book, True Believer.

On Jack Carr’s website, it says that True Believer is about Reece’s new goal. With a series of planned attacks across the Western world, it looks like a former Iraqi commando could be the link the CIA needs to find out the truth, but they’ll need Reece to get to him. Reece left the first season of The Terminal List as America’s most-wanted domestic terrorist, and he was on his way to Africa to hide. So, a deal has to be made.

The Terminal List Season 2 Release Date

Reece becomes “the reluctant tool of the United States government,” whose goal is to “untangle a geopolitical conspiracy involving a traitorous CIA officer and a sinister assassination plot.” All of this sounds like a great plan for a person like James Reece.

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of the Terminal List?

The Terminal List is only available to watch on Amazon Prime. It’s where you can find season 1 of The Terminal List, watch it, and watch it again. It’s also where you can watch season 2 when it comes out. We’ll keep this guide up-to-date as we learn more about when the game will come out.

If you can’t wait for the premiere of The Terminal List Season 2, there are many other shows in a similar vein to hold you through. These shows include Wolf Like Me Season 2, Superwog Season 3, and more.

What Do We Know About the Spin-off Series of the Terminal List?

Based on the other four books in the series, it’s not hard to guess if there will ever be more seasons of The Terminal List. Even though we don’t know what the future holds for this version of James Reece, we will learn more about Taylor Kitsch’s shady Ben Edwards.

Amazon Prime Video has already said that they are working on a prequel series that will show how Reece’s friend turned out to be the surprise villain. Taylor Kitsch has already said that he will be back for this series, and Chris Pratt will show up as James Reece.

Other characters who might show up are Raife Hastings, Mohammed Farooq, and Ernest Boozer Vickers, who was played by Jared Shaw in the first season for a short amount of time.

We know that Jack Carr, Chris Pratt, David DiGilo, and Taylor Kitsch will be the executive producers for this show. All of these things led to an amazing first season, so we can expect an action-packed look at how one of Reece’s best friends became the monster we all know him as now.


The Terminal List Season 2 is set to release on Amazon Prime in 2024, following the success of the first season. The show, based on Jack Carr’s 2018 action-thriller book, follows the life of James Reece, a haunted ex-Navy SEAL who returns home after a mission in Syria.

The second season, True Believer, is set to have eight episodes and revolve around Reece’s new goal of becoming a tool for the CIA to uncover the truth.

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