Tiny Beautiful Things Season 2 Release Date: Is Season 2 Coming to Hulu?

In this article, we explore the charming universe of “Tiny Beautiful Things,” Cheryl Strayed’s comedy-drama series. The show has been a critical success thanks to its moving plots and brilliant cast, especially Kathryn Hahn as Clare Pierce.

Despite fans’ anticipation, a spokesman has confirmed that the show will end after the eight episodes currently available on Hulu, which is bad news. However, Cheryl Strayed’s book and her “Dear Sugar” column provide a wealth of material for those who want to dig further.

What is ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ All About?

Popular American author and podcast host Cheryl Strayed created the comedy-drama series Tiny Beautiful Things. The Tiny Beautiful Things movie series was developed after Cheryl Strayed connected with Laura Dern and Reese Witherspoon.

In addition, Tiny Beautiful Things is credited to Rachel Elizabeth Tigelaar, also known as Liz Tigelaar. Now considering the show’s success, the Tiny Beautiful Things Series has been well appreciated by both viewers and reviewers. Not only that, but users of the IMDb website have given Tiny Beautiful Things a rating of 7.2 out of 10 stars.

Is Season 2 of Tiny Beautiful Things Coming to Hulu?

Although “Love,” the eighth episode of Tiny Beautiful Things, provides viewers and characters with some closure, we could watch Kathyn Hahn as Clare forever, and we wouldn’t mind finding out what the future holds for her, her family, and “Dear Sugar.” There’s undoubtedly more ground to cover, but is there any chance of a Season 2?

Tiny Beautiful Things Season 2 Release Date

A representative for Tiny Beautiful Things has verified that the show is indeed a limited series, meaning the eight episodes that debuted on Hulu on Friday, April 7 will be the last.

It’s possible that there won’t be any more episodes of the Hulu series, but if you want more Tiny Beautiful Things, you should read (or reread) Cheryl Strayed’s book from 2012, Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar. You may read more of Strayed’s anonymous responses to reader questions in the “Dear Sugar” advice column she maintains on The Rumpus.

Tiny Beautiful Things Season 2 Cast

The creators of Tiny Beautiful Things, one of the best comedy-drama shows, have cast a wide variety of talented actors and actresses in recurring roles.

Cast members for Tiny Beautiful Things Season 3 have been added since the crew has not yet officially confirmed the continuation of Season 2.

Actor Character
Kathryn Hahn Clare Pierce
Tanzyn Crawford Rae Kincade
Quentin Plair Danny Kincade
Sarah Pidgeon Younger Clare
Michaela Watkins Amy Adler
Tijuana Ricks Mel Green
Nick Stahl Older Lucas

Tiny Beautiful Things Season 1 Ending Explained

In the series finale of Tiny Beautiful Things, Clare finds out that her estranged father came to her house and gave her preteen daughter Rae (Tanzyn Crawford) money to pay back the money Clare had taken from Rae’s college fund to help her brother Lucas (Nick Stahl) keep their mother’s house.

Clare is enraged because she believes her father is still abusing her mother. In a fit of wrath, Clare has Rae take her back to the house she shared with her parents so that she can confront Lucas and her father.

When everyone gets back together, Clare finds out to her horror that Lucas sold their mom’s house to Dad. While Lucas insists their alcoholic father has sobered up, Clare recalls the many instances in which she witnessed his abuse.

Tiny Beautiful Things Season 2 Release Date

Clare rehashes the traumatic memories of missing her mother’s funeral because she had to bring little Lucas (Owen Painter) to Frankie (Merritt Wever) in response to Lucas’s claim that their mother would preach forgiveness. In response, Lucas says that no one requested Clare to go and get him; she left their mother’s side voluntarily.

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Clare and Lucas switch places as they age throughout this stressful scenario. Aiming to evoke “all the versions [of yourself] that live inside of you,” Tiny Beautiful Things executive producer Liz Tigelaar said that this was one of the film’s primary goals.

Tiny Beautiful Things Season 2: Where Can I Watch It?

The ups and downs of the main characters’ emotional journeys are expertly mixed in Tiny Beautiful Things. Tiny Beautiful Things’ central concept has been well received by viewers, who have clamored for a second season.

You may see the pilot episode of Tiny Beautiful Things on streaming services like Hulu and Disney+ Hotstar if you haven’t already. All of Season 1 of Tiny Beautiful Things may be found here. Tiny Beautiful Things Season 2 will likewise be accessible via the same medium if and when it is released by the show’s creators.



Tiny Beautiful Things is a limited series, meaning the 8 episodes that debuted on Hulu will be the last. Cast members for Season 3 have been added. Tiny Beautiful Things is a series finale that explores the emotional journeys of Clare, Rae, and Lucas. It aims to evoke “all the versions of yourself” and is available on streaming services.

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