Extraction 3 Release Date: Everything We Have Found Out So Far!

Extraction 3 Release Date: High-octane action movie fans were overjoyed when 2020’s “Extraction” was released. Fans of action movies and Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of the ruthless mercenary Tyler Rake were not disappointed by this picture.

The popularity of the first two “Extraction” films has raised expectations for the third film. This article will provide a detailed summary for anyone interested in learning more about the film’s release date, cast, trailer, plot, and rating.

Extraction 3 Release Date

In 2020, while the world was under lockdown due to a virus, fans were intrigued by Chris Hemsworth and his performance in the hit film Extraction.

As a result of widespread interest in the film, it became a huge hit. Since the first movie left off on a cliffhanger, viewers were anticipating the coming of Extraction 2, which premiered on Netflix on June 16, 2023.

Extraction 3

If Extraction 2 is successful, then Extraction 3 will likely be successful as well. So it’s up to us, the audience, to show our enthusiasm for the movies and help determine their destiny. Given the scale and intricacy of action sequences, visual effects, and editing, fans can anticipate a late 2024 or early 2025 release date.

Extraction 3 Cast

While no specifics about the cast have been announced, Chris Hemsworth has stated that he will reprise his role as Tyler Rake, the relentless mercenary. Fans should expect Hemsworth’s comeback to bring the same energy and charisma to the screen that he brought to the character in the previous flicks.

Additional cast members have yet to be formally revealed, and it is unclear who will join Hemsworth in this highly anticipated sequel.

Extraction 2 Recap

In the second installment, Tyler Rake’s survival is affirmed, following the first film’s unexpected revelation that he is still alive. Although the second film begins with a tranquil atmosphere, it becomes clear that serenity and tranquility are not in Tyler’s future in the Extraction universe.

Tyler begins the tale by taking a well-earned break from work, seeking solace in a remote cabin, and engaging in idle activities such as watching television. However, his tranquil interlude is brief, as he is soon tasked with rescuing his former relatives.

Extraction 3

Davit Radiani, a feared criminal, has decided inexplicably to hold his wife and children captive and torture them. In an unexpected turn of events, Tyler discovers that his mission entails saving Ketevan, who is the sister of his ex-wife.

This revelation sheds light on Tyler’s private life, disclosing additional information about his past beyond the previously known abandonment of his son.

Tyler is able to successfully extract Ketevan and her children from their captors. However, his decision to eliminate Davit infuriates Zurab, putting Tyler in even more perilous circumstances.

Extraction 3 Plot

The plot of “Extraction 3” has been kept under wraps, leaving fans anxious to learn what happens next in Tyler Rake’s story.

It is anticipated that the plot will continue to examine the dangerous world of mercenaries, high-stakes missions, and personal redemption after the events of the previous films.

The film is likely to present Tyler Rake with new obstacles and adversaries, driving him to his physical and emotional limits. Anticipate a captivating plot with unexpected turns and heart-pounding action.

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Extraction 3 Trailer

There is currently no official trailer available for “Extraction 3.” As the film is still in post-production, the trailer will likely be released closer to the film’s release date.

Fans can anticipate a thrilling trailer showcasing the intense action, breathtaking exploits, and heart-pounding moments that have become synonymous with the “Extraction” franchise. Keep a watch out for official updates from the production team regarding the release of the trailer.


In conclusion, “Extraction 3” promises to be a cinematic experience fueled by adrenaline, expanding upon the foundation established by its predecessors.

Fans can anticipate an exciting continuation of the narrative, given Chris Hemsworth’s return to the role of Tyler Rake and the series’ reputation for breathtaking action.

Prepare to be immersed in the world of mercenaries, peril, and redemption once more, and stay tuned for further updates.

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  • When will Extraction 3 be released?

The official release date for Extraction 3 has not been announced yet. However, based on the production timeline, fans can expect a release in late 2023 or early 2024.

  • Will there be a trailer for Extraction 3?

As of now, there is no official trailer for Extraction 3.

  • Is there any information about the filming locations for Extraction 3?

Details about the filming locations for Extraction 3 have not been disclosed.

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