What Happened to Ethan in Never Have I Ever’s Fourth Season?

Season 4 of Never Have I Ever is finally on Netflix, and everyone is watching it to find out how the teen show ends. This season, there are a lot of new characters, but one of them, in particular, makes a big impact on Devi. This person is Ethan Morales, played by Michael Cimino.

What Happened to Ethan in Never Have I Ever’s Fourth Season?

When Devi and Ethan start dating for real, they start sleeping together and kissing all over Sherman Oaks High. But Devi’s friends and Ms. Warner (Alexandra Billings) tell her not to be with Ethan. Ms. Warren tells Devi that she is worried about Ethan.

She tells Devi that she doesn’t want Ethan’s bad-boy behavior to make her feel bad. But Devi tells Ms. Warner that she is in charge of everything. She even tries to explain to Eleanor and Fabiola that they are wrong about Ethan.

What Happened to Ethan in Never Have I Ever's Fourth Season?

Devi keeps ignoring the signs that Ethan isn’t right for her, even though she wants to be with him. But when Ethan almost hurts Devi’s chance of getting into Princeton by stealing the wallet of the Princeton admissions representative, she knows she can’t be with him anymore. She breaks up with Ethan in the school’s janitor’s closet. In the teen series, we don’t see Ethan again after the breakup scene.

Since Ethan doesn’t come back, I’m guessing that the writers put him in the show to keep Devi from focusing on something else. Or they just wanted Devi to have another romance that wouldn’t last long. Even though we don’t see Ethan again after the breakup scene, he’s probably still committing crimes around Sherman Oaks High, like keying teachers’ cars and cutting their tires.

After He and Devi Break Up, Ethan Doesn’t Come Back in “Never Have I Ever.”

In Never Have I Ever, Michael plays a bad boy who doesn’t know right from wrong. This is different from his role in Love, Victor. Ethan is said to have grown up over the summer and is now the hottest thing in Sherman Oaks. Devi is obviously drawn to him, but who isn’t? When she finds out that he was the one who spray-painted her car, they start flirting in a way that can’t be denied.

This leads to a full-fledged relationship, and Ethan teaches Devi everything she needs to know about sex, or at least everything she needs to know by the end of her senior year of high school.

What Happened to Ethan in Never Have I Ever's Fourth Season?

Even though Devi loves her relationship with Ethan, her friends, family, and even Akshara, who works for Princeton’s admissions office, warn her that Ethan will bring her down in the long run. Devi shouldn’t date someone she wants to change, and she shouldn’t try to teach him about right and wrong.

Lee Rodriguez Said What It Was Like to Work With Michael Cimino, Who Plays Ethan

Michael Cimino’s time is after 2020. First, he got his big break when he was cast in Love, Victor. Now, in Never Have I Ever, he’s the hottest guy Devi could date. Working with a new cast member always changes the atmosphere on set, so Fabiola’s actor, Lee Rodriguez, talked about what it was like to work with Michael.

“I’ve seen what he looks like on [Love, Victor],” she said. “Then, when I saw him on set, I didn’t realize it was him until I saw him walking around. I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s the guy who plays Love, Victor.'” He looks very different from Ethan, too. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, this is so cool. He is so cool and has so much ability.”


Ethan Morales, played by Michael Cimino, makes a big impact on Devi in Never Have I Ever’s fourth season. After he and Devi break up, Ethan doesn’t come back, but Devi is drawn to him and they start flirting. Devi should not date someone who wants to change and should not try to teach him about right and wrong.

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