Is Kathleen Lights Still Married? A Journey of Support, Strength, and Forever Love!

Kathleen Fuentes, better known as KathleenLights on YouTube, is an American YouTuber, Style Haul partner, and beauty expert who creates videos about beauty.

KathleenLights, whose real name is Kathleen Fuentes, gained popularity through her YouTube channel. She was born in Miami, Florida, in the United States. Although we don’t have much information about her parents, we do know that they are originally from Cuba.

With over 4.1 million subscribers, Kathleen has built a significant following on her channel KathleenLights. In addition to her YouTube career, she has also ventured into e-commerce. Kathleen founded two companies called Lights Label and Lights Lacquer, which specialize in selling clothing and nail polish respectively.

Kathleen Lights Relationship

Kathleen Lights’ love story began during her high school years when she first crossed paths with her now-husband, Danny. What started as an innocent friendship soon developed into a deep emotional connection, fueled by shared interests and mutual support. As their bond grew stronger, it became evident that their relationship was destined for something special.

One key element that has contributed to the success of Kathleen and Danny’s relationship is their unwavering support for each other’s dreams and aspirations. Even in their early years, they recognized the importance of nurturing individual goals while fostering a strong bond as a couple.

Kathleen Lights

This mutual encouragement provided a solid foundation for both Kathleen and Danny to pursue their passions and embark on their respective career paths.

She introduced her spouse, Danny, in a 2013 video titled Husband Tag. They became pals because Kathleen was best friends with Danny’s younger step-sister. She discusses her sister on Twitter a lot.

She published a video titled “Review/ Swatches- Jaclyn Hill Favourites Palette By Morphe Brushes!” on Christmas Day 2014.

Daniel and Kathleen wed in November 2010

When the beauty queen was in sixth grade, the couple first became together. Her best friend’s stepbrother was Fuentes.

He began corresponding with Kathleen as her friend’s brother. They eventually grew fond of one another and started dating.

They can still clearly recall their first date, which took place at a Fort Lauderdale restaurant called Tattoo. As a reminder of their first date, she has saved the fake tattoo they got at the restaurant.

After several years of courting, the pair wed on November 22, 2010. Despite having diverse personalities, they encourage one another as needed and acknowledge each other’s shortcomings.

The pair shares a love of dogs and keeps Selene, Porter, and Cornelius as pets in their Miami home as one of their many similarities. Due to Fuentes’ military career, the couple relocated frequently before settling in Miami.

Kathleen Lights

Is Kathleen Lights’ marriage still going strong?

Kathleen and her longtime friend Danny Fuentes got married in 2010. Due to Danny’s military job, the couple moved around a lot, but they currently reside in Miami. Porter, Selene, and Cornelius are the three dogs that Kathleen owns.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the pair is nonetheless content in their marriage. Danny and Kathleen are still together. She and her siblings were raised by her mother because her parents are divorced. Two brothers, Danny and Johnny, and an elder sister, Ylette Luis, make up her family of three. She joined YouTube in 2013 and launched KathleenLights as her channel.

Does Kathleen Lights have a divorce from Daniel Fuentes?

No, they are still a couple. Kathleen wed her longtime friend Danny Fuentes in 2010. Due to Danny’s military duties, the pair have moved around a lot since their marriage, but they currently reside in Miami. Selene, Porter, and Cornelius, the couple’s three canines, are pictured with Kathleen.

Despite rumors that Kath and Dan were divorced, they remain a happy married couple. They are neither separated nor divorced. There hasn’t been a child born to the pair yet.


Kathleen Lights’ journey as a successful beauty influencer is undoubtedly inspiring. However, her personal life, particularly her marriage, is equally captivating. Kathleen and Danny’s enduring love story serves as a reminder that true love can withstand the test of time, even in the face of fame and constant public attention. As fans, let us continue to support Kathleen’s career while respecting her choice to keep certain aspects of her personal life private.

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