Which Phone Cases Do Your Favorite Celebrities Have?

When it comes to putting your ‘fit together, there’s one element you do not want to miss out on. After all, when you’re taking those mirror selfies to post on social media later, this part of your style is going to be upfront and center.

So what are we referring to? That’s right – your beloved cell phone case. It’s right there for the world to see, so why not choose one that suits your style and personality?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve compiled this list of what’s in the hands of our favorite celebs. Maybe it’ll give you some creative motivation – check it out!

Custom Cases

Everyone from Lucy Hale to Kaia Gerber has opted for a case they can customize to be precisely the way they want them. The best part of these is the fact you can be completely unique!

Be sophisticated and glamorous like Lucy Hale and go for the timeless choice of having your initials on your phone case. Alternatively, go the way of Kaia, who has a photo of Adam Driver on hers – to each their own!

Whatever you choose, we recommend making it personal! Check out the best iphone 14 pro cases and show off your style in your next post!

Designer Cases

But maybe you’re here for something a little more chic? Perhaps you’re thinking of following in the footsteps of celebs like Bella Hadid – and we don’t blame you! This supermodel is one of many showing off a designer cell phone case, with Bella sporting a gorgeous Moschino one.

Show the world you know your fashion and choose a designer brand that speaks to your soul. Whether it be Moschino, Chanel, or Balenciaga, make a statement and be confident in your choice!

Sparkle Cases

If you’re the kind of person who thinks you can never have enough sparkle, you’re in good company! We’re here for everything extra, and there are tons of our fav celebs who couldn’t agree more. The queen of sparkle herself, Taylor Swift, is leading the parade!

Pair a sparkle glitter case with your best dress and heels, and go fully coordinated on a night out or concert. Whether it’s brunch, the club, or even a work event, show the world who you are and make sure to shine!

What Does Your Phone Case Say About You?

Your cell phone is guaranteed to be with you 100% of the time, so why leave it in its original boring case when you could take the opportunity to show off your style? In fact, why leave it at just one case? Get yourself a case for every occasion and make a bold statement with your fashion choices.

After all, with your phone featuring in half your social media posts, why not make it something to marvel at? Fashion is a perfect way to express yourself, so follow in the footsteps of your favorite celebs and show off your style!

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