Jinx Chapter 23 Spoiler, Release Date and Where to Watch?

When Kim Dan has started to acquire a feel for what a regular existence might be like, here comes Jinx Chapter 23 with brand new issues. His visit to his grandma took Jaekyung by surprise, and he couldn’t stop wondering about her. But he isn’t the only one who doesn’t understand this turn of events. Perhaps Jaekyung has ulterior motives for behaving in this way.

Jaekyung has only helped Kim Dan in any way because he wanted Kim Dan to do his bidding. Jaekyung doesn’t give a hoot about people, preferring instead to ignore them while he pursues his career goals and takes out his anger on them. But ever since he met Kim, he had changed his ways, perhaps because he wanted the physical relationship to last.

Kim Dan sees no logic in the situation, but he has his own way of reducing complexities. Even the final chapter continued this trend by setting up the events of the next day. It will come back to haunt him eventually, but by then he may have moved on to other things.

Jinx Chapter 22: A Review

Kim Dan found out in Jinx 22 that Jaekyung was staying with his grandma. He hadn’t seen his grandma so happy in a long time, and it took him by surprise when he saw her smiling and laughing around him.

This gave him the idea that he could convince people to change their minds about Jaekyung. In order to move their relationship forward, he considered having an open conversation with Jaekyung. It was odd at first, but he decided to begin with a sincere apology on his part.

Jinx Chapter 23 Release Date

Kim-Dan agreed and anticipated that he would be trustworthy in the future. He also made a pact with himself to be there for Jaekyung whenever she needs it.

Jinx Chapter 23 Release Date

Jinix Chapter 23 will be available on Tuesday, May 12, 2023. Manga readers enjoy Jinx because of the interesting tale, likable characters, and fresh blend of drama and fantasy it presents.

Chapter 23 release according to the reign given below:-

Timezone Time Date
West Coast [PDT] 7:00 AM May 22, 2023
Central America [CDT] 9:00 AM May 22, 2023
Canada [CDT] 9:00 AM May 22, 2023
East Coast [EDT] 10:00 AM May 22, 2023
Britain [GMT] 5:00 PM May 22, 2023
India [IST] 8:30 PM May 22, 2023
Singapore [SST] 11:00 PM May 22, 2023
Philippines [PST] 11:00 PM May 22, 2023
Korea [KST] Midnight May 23, 2023
Japan [JST] Midnight May 23, 2023
Australia [AEDT] 02:00 AM May 23, 2023

Jinx Chapter 23 Spoilers

As Jaekyung and Kim Dan appear to be becoming closer in Jinx Chapter 23, one of the MMA fighters will begin to suspect the other. The only thing we know about the gym is that there is a coach, and we haven’t been shown the rest of it yet. And the other boxers who use the gym haven’t been given much of a tour.

Since then, Jaekyung has kept his friendship with Kim Dan a secret from the rest of the gym. One of the combatants, though, has begun to wonder if there is more going on between them. It is common knowledge among the members of the gym that Jaekyung is not an easy sell and that he does not bestow favors on anyone without good cause.

Jinx Chapter 23 Release Date

Kim’s skepticism about Jaekyung’s claim that they live together was reinforced by her reaction. Given the nature of BL tropes, it’s safe to assume that an outside force will play a role in this tale.

Previous Chapters of Jinx:

Jinx Chapter 23: Where to Read It?

Chapter 23 of Jinx is now available for reading online at Lezhin Comics and the Mangabuddy website. After finishing the snacks, Jaekhyung resumes his evening training routine in the next manga chapter. On May 17, 2023, the raw scan of Chapter 23 of Jinx will become available.

It seems like the guy at the end of Chapter 22 has a thing for Jaekhyung. When he found out that Doctor Dan was staying with his hyung, it hit him hard. What happens if he intervenes between Jaekyung and Kim Dan, who are currently only sexual partners, remains to be seen.


Jinx Chapter 23 introduces Jaekyung and Kim Dan, who are becoming closer due to Jaekyung’s ulterior motives and Kim Dan’s desire for a physical relationship.

Jaekyung has kept his friendship with Kim Dan a secret, but one of the combatants has begun to wonder if there is more going on. Kim Dan apologizes and makes a pact to be there for Jaekyung.

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