Unseen Ending Explained: Who is Responsible for Esulu’s Death?

Netflix uploads content from all over the world, and some of it is so good that it goes on to win awards and set new standards. To promote diversity and acceptance, the Unseen ending analysis delves into the story’s reliance on a strong female protagonist who makes her way through the plot without hesitation.

The show features the acting talents of Gail Mabalane, Vuyo Dabula, Brendon Daniels, Hein de Vries, Ilse Klink, Mothusi Magano, Waldemar Schultz, Dineo Langa, Abduragman Adams, Shimmy Isaacs, Rapulana Seiphemo, Colin Moss, Shamilla Ismail Miller, Clifford Young, and Lehasa Moloi.

Travis Taute and Daryne Joshua adapted the novel Fatma by zgür nurme for the small screen. Together with Rolisizwe Nikiwe and Twiggy Matiwana, the former has joined the team as a director. Ben Overmeyer serves as producer for Unseen, which features writing by Sean Drummond, Meesha Aboo, and Tristram Atkins.

Unseen Plot

When Zenzi Mwale’s employer, Max, doesn’t come home after being released from prison after serving two years, she goes looking for him. She becomes mired in the criminal underground not long into her quest, and despite making little headway in her search for Max, her body count keeps rising.

The police have a hunch about Zenzi and decide to question her. The facts about her husband’s past and the loss of their son are slowly emerging as she continues her investigation. When the body count rises and the authorities close in on Zenzi, she decides to seek refuge in Caledon, where she hopes to locate Max. When she does, she experiences a devastating loss not long after.

Determined to learn the truth about her son’s murderer, she sets out once more and eventually confronts him, only to abandon him to his death and jump off a cliff herself. Unseen ends before any more action can take place.

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Unseen Ending Explained

What Did Max Do?

Hendricks, Joseph, and Jackson all implicated Max Mwale in their illicit activities. He was a lousy husband and a terrible parent to his son. On the other hand, he wasn’t the

In exchange for taking care of his wife and son while he is away, he unwillingly agreed to take the fall for his boss, Blessing, in the murder of Yazid Noordien. He receives a longer sentence than expected and, while in jail, learns that his family is not being cared for. As a result, he tries to blackmail Blessing to get his demands satisfied.

Yet as punishment for his bravery in standing up to the huge don, he loses his son. He is released on bail but disappears almost immediately, leading his pursuers to suspect he has gone to the location where the evidence against Blessing is stored.

Who is Responsible for Esulu’s Death?

Blessing orders his minions to scare Zenzi and Esulu after hearing from Joseph that Max plans to blackmail the Syndicate for ignoring his wife and son while he was away.

Unseen ending explained

Hendricks, Jackson, Joseph, and Ernie try to scare the mother and son, but Hendricks ends up shooting Esulu. Joseph tells Zenzi that he witnessed her son’s murder, and at the film’s conclusion, Hendricks admits to shooting him. After hearing it from the killer herself, Zenzi abandons her to her death in the inferno that was Blessing’s once-thriving nightclub.

Is Zenzi No Longer Alive?

In the final moments of Unseen, Zenzi exacts her vengeance on Hendricks for the deaths of her kid and husband. She had to commit murder, break into buildings, and engage in other illegal behavior on her quest to get there.

She escapes from law enforcement after killing Ernie, Blessing, Joseph, and Hendricks. By the conclusion of it all, she has exacted her vengeance, and law enforcement has also located and arrested her.


With no remaining loved ones and almost certainly no longer any viable options for sustenance, Zenzi has nothing left to live for. Her sister Naledi, joined by investigators Morkel and Lyners, intervenes just as she is about to climb over the edge and plunge to her death.

Final Words

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