Furies Ending Explained: How does Lin’s Story Go?

Preceding Furie, a 2019 Vietnamese martial arts film, Furies delves into the troubled past of its protagonist, Bi, who leaves her hometown after her mother’s death and is taken in by a mystery woman. A horrific secret is revealed when she trains in self-defense and begins stalking violent gang leaders. It may be viewed immediately on Netflix.

Furies Plot summary

In the opening scenes of Furies, we meet Bi, a young girl who is sexually assaulted by a drunk guy. Her mother is murdered as she defends her daughter from the assailant. Bi responds by stabbing him repeatedly till he is dead. She takes a bus to Saigon, despite being traumatized, alone, and covered in blood.

There, she has been forced to resort to a life of prostitution and theft. After a little time jump, we find out that she is now a grown-up young woman who frequently runs afoul of the neighborhood toughs. She is saved from a group of men one night by a mystery woman they only know as Aunt Lin, also known as Jacqueline.

She shelters Bi and introduces her to Hong and Thanh, two other students she has mentored. They, too, have suffered sexual assault at the hands of men and want answers. Lin instructs them in martial techniques and then has them target a citywide sex and drug trafficking group.

Hai chó iên and his band of crazed henchmen run it. Nevertheless, his squad also includes Hong’s boyfriend and Lin’s informant, a man named Long.

Due to her traumatic past, Bi is unable to open up to her new teammates, but she trains hard and Lin quickly gives them their first task. They have been charged with breaking into a facility run by Hai’s gang where kidnapped girls are being held in preparation for sale. The three men rush in with great ferocity, and they eventually succeed in saving the helpless girls. Bi murders one of Hai’s closest guys, and the two of them set fire to the business.

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Furies Ending Explained

Does Hong Die?

Ultimately, Lin zeroes in on Hai and dispatches the females to honey-trap and kill him at his club. However, Bi and Hong are unable to execute the dangerous gang leader despite taking him to a private suite.

Furies ending explained

As he runs away, Hai directs his henchmen to launch an assault. The females are cornered and must fight against a horde of guys, resulting in Hong’s death. Long, unfortunately, sees her get stabbed, but he has to keep his emotions in check in order to maintain his cover.

Bi and Thanh ride out on their motorcycle after narrowly avoiding further attack. They return to Bi’s house, where he confronts Lin. For her own reasons, she claims, she is manipulating them to kill Hai.

The guide continues to insist that killing Hai is necessary to protect the women from Hai and his gang’s cruelty and rape. The drug kingpin, however, was responsible for the deaths of her husband and son, as she confesses.

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How does Lin’s Story Go?

After a little respite, they are back in the field to complete their job, this time with Lin joining Bi and Thanh. In Hai’s casino, they intend to execute Hai and his gang.

Lin disappears just as chaos ensues inside the casino. Hai watches on a security camera as she is stabbed and feels relieved. Despite her wounds, Thanh continues to work alongside Bi to eliminate Hai.

Upon reaching him, the two are shocked to see Lin unharmed, with Long standing next to her and Hai, wounded in the leg. She admits that she waited five years to avenge her husband’s death and that she was stabbed on camera by Long.

Who Does Bi Turn Into?

Bi and Thanh are stunned and want to leave, but Lin quickly intervenes. The fact that she is completely in charge is used as a weapon against them. Thanh is given orders to murder Bi and return home with her.

Furies ending explained

Thanh says he agrees while actually trying to shoot Lin. But she is too slow, and Lin ends up killing her. Bi becomes enraged, attacks her, and is killed in the process. However, she successfully shoots Lin several times. After Bi faints, Lin says she can’t go back now as she lies dying on the floor beside her. When the police arrive the following morning, they discover that Bi is still alive.

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She gets 15 years in prison after being sent to a hospital. After her friend’s death, Bi (now known as Pham Thi Chau Thahn) is finally freed from prison. Thanh Sói, the villainous child trafficker in the upcoming 2019 film, is unmasked as she turns to depart. The film stresses that her troubled background ultimately transformed her into the antagonist she fought.

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