The Kingdom Season 2 Ending Explained: What Happens With Rubén?

Season 2 of The Kingdom is an Argentine political crime drama written by Marcelo Pieyro and Claudia Pieiro and co-directed by Marcelo & Miguel Cohan. There are six episodes in total, and they run roughly 50 minutes.

Diego Peretti plays Emilio Vázquez Pena, Chino Darn plays Julio Clamens, Nancy Dupláa plays Roberta Candia, Joaqun Furriel plays Rubén Osorio, Peter Lanzani plays Tadeo Vazquez, and Mercedes Morán plays Elena Vázquez Pena.

There’s also Alfonso Tort as Oscar, Sofia Gala as Celeste, Patricio Aramburu as Pablo Vazquez Peña, Nico Garcia as Remigio Cardenas, Victoria Almeida as Magdalena Vazquez Pena, Santiago Korovsky as Ramiro Calderdale, and Alejandro Awada.

The Kingdom Season 2 Plot

Since that water is expensive and not easily accessible, the season opens with a bunch of youths blowing up a dam. Thiago, one of them, is apprehended by law enforcement and fatally beaten.

Tadeo, who has returned to Argentina with Jonathan, is approached by the other teenagers for assistance. Tadeo tries to save the teen just in time, but he ultimately cannot. He enlists the aid of a teacher, Pedro, and a doctor, Yael. Tadeo, outraged by the government’s treatment of him and his friend Thiago, vents his frustration by openly condemning the officials’ actions.

His talk was recorded and uploaded to the internet. It quickly spreads across the country, where people are already angry about Emilio’s theocratic rule and violent protests have broken out in every city because of the rising cost of living.

Currently, Julio is a professor. Ana hasn’t even introduced her daughter, Carola, to Emilio because she and Julio want nothing to do with him. Julio has also earned her disapproval by repeatedly breaking his pledge to help out with their daughter’s care.

The increasing criticism of Emilio may be observed in the graffiti that is being scrawled all around the city. Unfortunately, even the rapidly dwindling congregation of the Church of the Kingdom of Light is not immune to the bombing. Emilio demands a new cabinet as a result, but Rubén reassures him that he has a better solution.

Rubén plans to make a terrifying monster to scare the whole public. After the monster is vanquished, the public’s opinion of Emilio will once again be high. He plays him the Tadeo internet sensation and tells him untruths about how Tadeo is encouraging violence against Emilio.

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The Kingdom Season 2 Ending Explained

What Happens with Rubén?

The state of Rubén’s mind is deteriorating. He breaks into his therapist’s house and sets up a hidden camera so he can keep tabs on her at all times. A day before the plot is to be executed, he breaks into her residence, claiming that she is to blame for his deteriorating health.

After committing a sexual assault on her, he eventually kills her by choking her. After making sure the area is clean of any evidence, he leads his forces to the Pretorianos’ Bella Vista headquarters, where they have already defeated the gang.

the kingdom season 2 ending explained

Defeated, the Pretorianos have no choice but to lie to Daniel and tell him that everything is going according to their plan or face prison. In addition, Emilio cannot deliver his address to Congress since Rubén’s forces have blocked the entrance.

If Rubén succeeds in making the vice president the president, Emilio will be rendered completely helpless. As his preparations succeed, Ruben begins hallucinating again, this time with the psychologist spectating nearby.

He’s been admitted to a hospital, perhaps a psychiatric ward. Lautaro, his second-in-command, is shown giving an update to a phone caller, who praises Rubén for being a fine soldier. Paramedic Rubén is haunted by the ghost of Remigio, a former coworker.

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Does Tadeo Die?

Tadeo says goodbye to his friends and Yael, whom he has recently started seeing, before leaving for Washington, DC, to serve in Congress. Just before he leaves, he is spotted in a dead greenhouse. When he puts his hand on a plant, it miraculously blossoms.

The victims’ testimony is played live as per Julio and Alejandra’s plan. But as the live broadcast is being made, Daniel’s men enter the room and destroy the equipment, cutting the broadcast short.

Tadeo then comes forward, revealing his true identity and detailing how Emilio sexually abused him. Emilio’s panic upon hearing his voice prompts Daniel to take care of business personally.

Daniel shoots Tadeo dead at the very moment when Tadeo is calling for unity and the pursuit of justice. Those who knew him and appreciated him will be profoundly affected by his passing.

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Although Julio is devastated at first, he comes to accept that Tadeo must have known what was going to happen and that his death was an offering to the people of the country in the hopes that they would take action.

What Happens with Emilio?

When Daniel learns that their scheme has been bombed, he summons Emilio and Elene to his office. The vice president becomes president after Vice President Emilio is forced to quit.

After shooting Tadeo and being captured, Daniel is slain during his transfer to a maximum security jail, leaving Emilio without any allies. As Elena tries to reach her kids, no one picks up the phone.

the kingdom season 2 ending explained

Magdalena fears for her safety around her parents, while Pablo falls for Celeste and Bastián, who are searching for the money in the church’s walls. Pablo says nothing to them but also doesn’t stop them.

In fact, Elena has been calling Ana, who has taken up with another single mom, Stacy, since Julio’s departure. When she overhears her sobbing over Tadeo’s passing, though, she says nothing.

A despondent Emilio sobs into Elena’s lap, muttering Jonathan’s name despite the fact that no one is around to help or encourage them. After Tadeo’s death, Jonathan and the rest of the group resume their travels.

How Does the Country Change?

There is a national state of siege, as declared by the new government. We have suspended the National Congress and the commission that selects judges until political and social conditions improve.

People still sneak out to memorialize Tadeo by writing on walls even as police march through the streets. Tadeo may be dead, but his legacy as a national emblem lives on.

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