Shadow And Bone Season 2 Ending Explained: Is There A Split Between Alina and Mal?

An interesting title to a fantasy series doesn’t make it any more enjoyable to read. The plot of The Shadow and the Bone is intricately woven within those two terms, which is how the book manages to hold our interest.

We all thought it would be fun to see Leigh Bardugo’s novel series brought to the big screen when Netflix announced the premiere of season 1 over three years ago. The first season of Shadow and Bone was a lot of fun to watch. Finally, after nearly two years, the new season began a few hours ago!

Back in all its aesthetically pleasing, action-packed, dramatic, and magical (or “Small Science”) grandeur is the Grishaverse. During the first season, we met Alina Starkov and saw as she evolved from a cartographer into the formidable Sun Summoner we know today.

And of course, there must be some nail-biting cliffhangers or it wouldn’t be a popular fantasy setting, right? The second season of Shadow and Bone has arrived, and it’s packed with the answers to every burning question from the first.

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Storyline

On the run, Alina and Mal end up at Novyi Zem. Together, they hope to find another amplifier and travel the world. The twenty million Fjerdan bounty on Alina’s head, however, has made her a target for everyone. Lieutenant Bohdan sees them.

But she gets some assistance from a pirate ship captained by the smooth-talking and charismatic Sturmhond, who would rather be called a privateer than a pirate.

He’s a brilliant inventor in his own right, and he quickly becomes instrumental in Alina and Mal’s search for the mythical Sea Whip, the second amplifier. They do, and Alina uses the strength she got from the Fold, but her frequent visions of the Darkling leave her feeling powerless.

In the meantime, Kirigan emerges from the Fold with a scarred visage and shadow demons he calls Nichevo’ya residing within him, proving that he is indeed still alive. He wins the support of the Grisha by rescuing those held captive by the second army. After witnessing his insanity, though, Genya and David decide to escape.

As the Darkling pursues Genya, he unleashes his shadow monsters on her, scarring her face in the same way he has his. With the help of Baghra’s abilities, she is able to escape his grasp and rescue Genya from imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the Crows are working to reclaim their club under Kaz’s leadership; he is motivated by a desire for vengeance against Pekka, the man he holds responsible for his brother’s death. As Nina decides to help them out, she becomes one of the crows and contributes greatly to their efforts to eliminate Pekka.

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Ending Explained

The Darkling/Kirigan: Does He/She die?

In the second season of Shadow and Bone, Alina Starkov is responsible for the death of General Kirigan, also known as the Darkling. He devotes the entirety of the sequel to tracking down and reuniting with Alina.

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Ending Explained

But he’s not the only one infected with the Nichevo’ya he carries about with him. At first glance, it appears like they are able to do nothing more than completely overwhelm him with their abilities while simultaneously harming him with maladies like bloody coughs.

He seems to have complete command over the shadow monsters at the beginning of the season, but by the end of the series, it becomes clear that he has little to no say in their behaviour, and that they have free reign to release themselves whenever they please, consuming many lives along the way, including Baghra’s.

What’s Going on with Inej?

Kaz Brekker rescues Inej from her forced captivity after exacting revenge on Pekka Rollins. By the season’s end, he also tells her that he has been trying to locate her brother all along, but hasn’t had any success.

In the second season of Shadow and Bone, Kaz and Inej’s romantic feelings for each other grow while they simultaneously fight them. When Kaz finally asks her to stay with him, she refuses him because he still protects himself emotionally with armour and gloves from the trauma he had as a child.

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By the season’s finale, Inej has signed on with Mal, Tolya, Tamar, and the rest of the privateer crew onboard the Volkvolny. Before the end credits roll, she starts searching for a slaver ship and follows one, getting ready to go after the people who know her brother’s whereabouts.

What Happens with Matthias?

In order to free her true love Matthias from Hellgate, Nina devotes the length of Shadow and Bone Season 2. She decides to join the Crows in order to secure assistance for her endeavour.

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Ending Explained

She and Kaz keep trying to reach Matthias so he can hear their pleas for assistance. The Hellgate guard who is loyal to Kaz aids in this mission by protecting Matthias from being forced to participate in the “Hell shows,” which feature bloody battles between human inmates and monstrous guards.

The moment Pekka enters Hellgate, however, he transforms into the prison’s most feared inmate by killing Matthias’s cellmate and friend. Matthias accepts later when he wants to begin fighting on his behalf.

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Is there a Split Between Alina and Mal?

Mal and Alina intended to spend the rest of their lives together, travelling the globe. But that dream life was out of reach because of the bounty on her head. Meanwhile, the Darkling continued to exist and spiral farther into madness; Alina would need to strengthen herself to defeat him.

She realises she needs amplifiers for this, and after utilising the second one, she notices a noticeable improvement; nevertheless, she is surprised to discover that the third amplifier is actually Mal. She feels bad that she neglected her most valuable relationship in pursuit of power. Although feeling distant from Alina, Mal is resolved to assist her in her mission to save Ravka.

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