The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained: Will There Be a Part 2 of This Season?

Currently, Korean dramas aren’t the only thing getting people hooked online. Dramas from East Asian countries have captured the world’s attention. Most of the population is completely obsessed with these shows. Thanks to the excellent acting and exciting storylines, they’re becoming huge fans of these kinds of programs.

In addition to Korean dramas, the current generation also avidly watches Chinese television series. The captivating stories of Chinese dramas are enough to keep you watching. As promised, this page will discuss and spread all available facts regarding the conclusion of the low-budget drama The Forbidden Flower.

The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained

What Happened with Qiu Jia Rong and Zhang Yuan Qi?

Qiu Jia Rong’s world had been torn apart. As she was on the fence about continuing her relationship with Zhang Yuan Qi, she discovered He Ran was seeing Xiao Han behind her back and acting inappropriately. It still wasn’t over. In a phone conversation, Han Yu informed her that He Ran was hospitalized. She paid He Ran a visit later that evening.

In the quiet of the hallway’s shadows, they shared their deepest thoughts and feelings with one another. The mother and daughter’s relationship gradually improved. Suddenly He Ran could empathize with her mom and realize why she was so worried about Qiu Jia Rong.

Whenever Qiu Jia Rong had a choice, she would choose He Ran first. She visited Zhang Yuan Qi at his house and on a date. Enjoyment was widespread. Both Zhang Yuan Qi and Qiu Jia Rong were over the moon with joy. Zhang Yuan Qi decided to end their relationship in his studio while discussing their future.

What Happened with He Ran?

He Ran believed her condition was a burden for everyone. It was no secret that her cancer had returned, but she never spoke about it. Not even Xiao Han had any prior knowledge of her. She suffered from a high temperature for several days straight once. Both Ran’s mother and nanny had to take time off work because the latter was getting married. The call came from Xiao Han, and He Ran invited him over by asking if he might stop by.

A wet and stormy night brought Xiao Han to join them in bed. He Ran ran a high temperature in the middle of the night. She was rushed to the hospital by Xiao Han. The physician had suspicions and urged her to take a blood test, but He Ran declined. She merely wanted some medicine to reduce her fever, so they were soon on their way home.

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What Happened with Xiao Han?

Xiao Han was never informed of He Ran’s condition. Despite He Ran’s best efforts, the truth was never revealed to him. Xiao Han rushed her to the emergency room when she had a high temperature. He Ran was firm in her refusal to submit to the doctor’s request for a blood sample.

the forbidden flower ending explained

She insisted that all she required was an antipyretic because she knew her body inside and out. Xiao Han drove her to her house. While they rode in the taxi, Xiao Han clung to He Ran and begged her not to be afraid of him.

He Ran’s illness was a secret that Qin Zhao did not let Xiao Han in on. He was too preoccupied with his work on the building site to pay a visit. Qin Zhao made yet another attempt to take the picture while he and He Ran were both away from home and He Ran was in the hospital. That time, she made it.

The buyer, who turned out to be Uncle Han, was brought the picture by her. When he inquired as to where she had acquired the artwork, he was aware that Qin Zhao had fabricated the answer.


Will There Be A Part 2 Of The Forbidden Flower?

Although the drama’s ending has been left open to the viewers’ imaginations, the most likely situation that has been indicated is He Ran’s disappearance, that is, her eventual death due to illness.

Considering the show concludes on this note, it is pretty unlikely that there would be a second season. To emphasize, there are typically no sequels to Asian dramas. As a result, the drama probably won’t be back for a second season.

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