Flatbush Misdemeanors Season 3 Canceled: Dan Perlman Shares Emotional Message with Fans!

Listen up, followers of the Flatbush Misdemeanors! Here comes some very interesting information. Fans of the hit comedy-drama series can hardly contain their enthusiasm as the third season approaches. Kevin Iso and Dan Perlman’s sitcom chronicles the comedic escapades of the title characters as they make their way through the borough of Brooklyn, New York.

The cliffhanger at the end of Season 2 kept viewers wanting more, and now they finally get it. Flatbush Misdemeanors is a critical and audience success thanks to its excellent cast and plot. Flatbush Misdemeanors season 3 is almost here, so mark your calendars and get ready for another wild adventure in Flatbush!

Flatbush Misdemeanors Season 3 Renewal Status

Dan Perlman responded to the cancellation on social media, posting:

“Hey, hi, hello. There will not be a third season of Flatbush Misdemeanors. I’m incredibly proud of what we were able to do with this show. I and Kevin made three episodes of a zero-budget web series and we were able to turn it into two seasons of a show on Showtime that people really loved. One of the best things was that we were able to work with so many people who we worked with on the initial web series — Kerry, Kareem, Yamaneika, Napoleon, Drew, Aminah, Ken, Reggie, Jonas, Petey, so many others. We brought in amazing actors like Hassan and Kristin and Zuri and Angella and Josh and Lenny and Zoe and Beth and Jackie and Sam and Sticky Fingaz and I had the chance to do scenes with comedians I respect and love like Alyssa and Maria and Shalewa and Roy. I’m grateful I had the chance to direct and work with more people I respect, like Joyelle and Greer and Soder and so many more. (via: Instagram/Dan Perlman)

Thank you to all of our writers, seasons one and two who brought so much to the stories and worked so hard under often-difficult circumstances. To all of our producers and studio and crew who helped us get the show done under insane time constraints, who brought all their efforts and energy and creativity and respect. To Marcie and Chloe and Kelly and Aaron and David for everything. To Gary and Jessie and Brendan at Showtime for taking a chance on us, even though we are extremely not-famous, and allowing us to make the show we wanted to make. Really felt nothing but support from them and I’m insanely fortunate and appreciative. To Max Saines for helping and advocating for the web series, repeatedly, when there was nothing in it for him. Will never forget that kindness. To everyone who shared they enjoyed the show. And the biggest thank you to everyone in Flatbush and all over Brooklyn for all of your support and kind words and generosity as we made this show, that means the most, thank you.

This reads like an Emmy speech, not a ‘we’re canceled’ caption, but yeah, I’m just very grateful. Excited to try to make other cool stuff in the future. And I hope you guys can still find the show and watch the two seasons we were lucky enough to make.”

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Flatbush Misdemeanors Season 2 Recap

Season 2 of Flatbush Misdemeanors sees Dan, Kevin, Zayna, and Drew back in the Brooklyn neighborhood they first met in. Kevin tries to distance himself from Drew’s influence, but Dan’s connection to Drew only gets stronger; Drew tries to fix his previous misdeeds, but they continue to plague him; and Zayna, Drew’s niece, is ambitiously seeking to detach herself from her family’s difficult past. Meanwhile, Dan’s stepdad Kareem continues to

Many viewers are also curious as to how Drew plans on getting away with what he did to the New York City worker.

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Flatbush Misdemeanors Season 2 Trailer


Sadly, it seems that there will not be a third season of the blockbuster comedy-drama series, Flatbush Misdemeanors. Dan Perlman, the show’s co-creator, took to social media to break the news of the cancellation, expressing gratitude to the cast and crew for their hard work.

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