Jodie Foster’s Secret Wedding: A Look into Her Relationship with Alexandra Hedison

Jodie Foster and her photographer girlfriend Alexandra Hedison have kept their relationship under wraps, but they have shown their support for one another on occasion.

After dating for nearly a year, Foster finally tied the knot with Hedison in a secret ceremony in April 2014. This was despite her famous “single” declaration while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 2013 Golden Globes.

A close friend of the couple told PEOPLE, “They are quite private when they are with people they don’t know.” They may as well be in another world while they’re together. Who is the lucky lady that won over the Silence of the Lambs star? What follows is a complete guide to Alexandra Hedison and Jodie Foster.

She is a Photographer

The works of Hedison can be found in museums, galleries, and private collections all across the globe. She expressed her joy with photography to The New York Times in 2004.

She is a Home Designer

Hedison has used both photography and home design as a means of self-expression. In 2006, she appeared in the ill-fated reality show Designing Blind.

Jodie Foster Alexandra Hedison

A Hedison-designed property in Hollywood Hills West, California, was listed for $2.75 million a few weeks after Hedison and Foster tied the knot, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

She is a Former Actress

In the late ’90s, Hedison had supporting roles on Melrose Place and Lois & Clark, and she co-starred with Debra Messing in the science fiction series Prey. Later, in 2006 and 2009, she portrayed Dylan Moreland on Showtime’s The L Word. In the Doghouse, a short film that Hedison directed and co-wrote with Moon Unit Zappa in 2005, marked her directing debut.

But, Hedison realized acting wasn’t fulfilling for him. She told The New York Times, “I was supporting myself, but I was miserable.” “Every performance should put the actor in the spotlight. Nope, not me.”

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She Grew Up in Hollywood

Hedison may not like the spotlight, but she grew up there. David Hedison, who played James Bond’s friend Felix Leiter in Live and Let Die (1973) and License to Kill (1977), is Hedison’s father (1989). Bridget Hedison, the woman who gave birth to her, also had a career in the show business. She was a production associate on the TV show Dynasty, among other shows.

She Was in a Relationship With Ellen Degeneres

The couple dated from 2000 to 2004. Hedison joked to The New York Times in 2004 that “I’d have to be Oprah to compete with her.” In addition, she said, “Well, I admit that there are times that I can’t get a reservation at a hot restaurant unless I indicate that it’s for me and Ellen.” But I have to take pictures since it’s my job and I love it so much.

Jodie Foster Alexandra Hedison

It has been stated that in October of 2004, DeGeneres and Hedison explored adopting a child, but by the end of that year, the couple had split up.

She is Very Supportive of Foster’s Career

When the Golden Globe nominations were announced in February 2021, the photographer posted a nice message on Instagram to congratulate her wife. Hedison posted a black and white photo of herself with the caption, “I took this photo of Foster.” “Nothing can be spoken outside of quarantine. I’m a proud wife every day, but today I wanted to give you a special shout-out in the faraway world of Instagram.”


Foster won the Golden Globe on February 28, 2021, for her performance in the supporting role of The Mauritanian, a few weeks later. She and Hedison and their dog stayed at home to accept the honor. Foster and her on-screen kissing companion were shown just before she gave her winning speech.

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