Xresolver Xbox Blacklist: Compatible with Any System or Device!

It is compatible with any system or device. Xresolver’s Xbox blacklist is compatible with Xresolver Microsoft, PS4, PS5, Xresolver Roblox, and every web browser. Those of you with monitors or laptops that have HDMI input connectors can hook up your Xbox to play the game on a bigger screen.

You can blacklist yourself for free without having to buy Xresolver. With a virtual private network (VPN), one’s true Internet Protocol (IP) address is concealed during a connection to a remote server.

Reconnecting to your Internet service provider also allows you to change your IP address.

Static IP addresses can be changed by contacting their internet service provider. Users with dynamic IP addresses can make a switch by restarting the router multiple times.

Don’t play games with random people. Remove people you suspect of being malicious and their IP addresses using the provided form.

How to Boot Using Xresolver?

The following steps are required for Xresolver to be used during boot up.

  1. You can download and set up any freebooter.
  2. Go ahead and enter the IP address that you want to boot out.
  3. Set the length of time you don’t want the user to bother you.
  4. Choose the DDOS menu option.

Users may easily see when the IP address has been successfully booted by the application.

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What Is Xresolver’s Ip Address?

IP addresses can be acquired by using Gamertags received with Xresolver. There is an in-built tool for ARP, port, and geolocation tracking.

How to Get Blacklisted on Xresolver?

If you want to prevent other players from blocking or distracting you in-game, you can blacklist your username. Only with the help of a sniffer programme can you put a blacklist on yourself. Easy IP blacklisting is possible with Octosniff, although you may need to spend points on it.

Xresolver Blacklisted

Nevertheless, in order to do so, you will need an Octosniff account, which is essentially a networking research tool and which enables one to monitor the traffic using one’s console or device.

  1. Visit Xresolver and enter your Gamertag into the device.
  2. Your IP address is linked to your Gamertag. Only one Gamertag, represented by the Xresolver number, can be entered. For this reason, you’ll have to enter each Gamertag individually if you need to find its IP address.
  3. Input the IP address into Octosniff’s login form.
  4. Your IP address can be blacklisted, but only after you pay 500 points.
  5. The IP address and the key to your inbox will be delivered to you as soon as possible after your purchase.
  6. In case you haven’t already done so, please sign into your Octosniff account and then copy the key/Xresolver blacklist IP link.
  7. Add the key to the points section once you’ve clicked the Redeem License button.
  8. Click the “claim points” button now.
  9. Once that the points have been claimed, you can view the blacklist by going to Miscellaneous and scrolling to the bottom of the page.
  10. To be banned, enter your IP address and select the corresponding blacklist username option.
  11. Now that you know the username, try it out on the site.
  12. A confirmation that you have been banned from accessing certain resources would be displayed.

How does Xresolver get IPS?

If you have a Gamertag, you can use Xresolver to find out what IP address that game is using. They offer a built-in tool that may be used as a port scanner, a geolocation tracker, and to sniff ARP packets.

If you can get the Gamertag, then Xresolver will help you get the IP address.


Finally, Xresolver is a tool that allows users to find the IP addresses of other online gamers. It also includes a blacklist, which may be used to prevent players from accessing specific resources. Nevertheless, using such services is unethical and frequently violates the terms of service of the game or platform being used.

It is advised to play games with trustworthy friends rather than strangers who may use such tools to harass or hurt others. There are several techniques to avoid being targeted, such as using a VPN, changing one’s IP address, and eliminating suspect players from one’s friend list.

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