Is Using XResolver Illegal? 6 Ways to Remove Your IP From XResolver!

xResolver and similar tools let you easily snag the IP addresses of your opponents across a wide range of gaming platforms.

A web-based database, xResolver saves the IP addresses of users so that they can be easily located and contacted in online games. These IP addresses are obtained by xResolver from the user names. The Xbox video game system is acknowledged by the letter X in the name of this informational hub. It can, however, be used with a variety of different game systems. For this reason, it is also known as Xbox resolver and PlayStation resolver.

So, let’s learn everything we can about xResolver.

Is Using XResolver Illegal?

As previously indicated, it is responsible for keeping information that is already in the public domain, including links between IP addresses and Gamertags. It’s important to note that this type of data or information is freely accessible to the public. This means that putting it on a publicly accessible website is not illegal.

Nevertheless, the issue is that the individual trying to match the IP address with your profile might not have good motives. There’s always the chance that it’s a hacker trying to get their hands on your IP address and personal information via your PS4, PC, or Xbox profile.

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How Big the xResolver IP Database is?

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you how big xResolver’s gamertag and IP address is. Nonetheless, it has been reported that the database is relatively small. There are currently over 100 million people in the world who play Xbox Live. It would be difficult to mine the data of that many users. Based on our research, xResolver should not store the IP addresses of more than one million users. Which is roughly one percent of Xbox Live’s entire audience.

How to Remove IP from xResolver?

Now that you know the ins and outs of xResolver, you can make an informed decision about its use. Obviously, you want to find out how to get your IP and gamertag off of We’ve compiled the 6 ways in which xResolver can delete an IP address.

XResolver Illegal ip

1. Best Method: Using VPN

Fortunately, there are services like VPN (a virtual private network) that are made for precisely this kind of thing. VPN services not only conceal your IP address from the outside world, but they also unblock websites and grant access to otherwise inaccessible resources and material. If you use a VPN, no one will be able to see or record your real IP address.

Just reconnecting your VPN service to a different geographic location will grant you an instantaneous change of IP address. This is where VPN really shines. To subscribe to one of the most dependable VPNs for use with xResolver, please click the button below.

2. Update IP Address Through Router Restart

Realizing your computer’s IP address is crucial to using xResolver. However, some people have dynamic IP addresses that change every time they reboot their router or sign in to their internet service provider. For those with a dynamic IP service provider, this would be an option.

3. Contact your Internet service provider and ask them to change your IP address.

If your internet service provider (ISP) offers static IP addresses, then contacting them is the most efficient method for changing your IP address. You may choose to inform them of your predicament and the availability of Xresolver. Your account would be given a brand new set of IP addresses.

4. Remove xResolver IP tracking and blacklisting

Your gamertag and IP address will be removed from the xResolver database and blacklisted if you use the Xresolver paid service. We do not advise this course of action, but if you are unable to find a better way to play the game, having it removed directly from xResolver is the best option.

5. Remove IP manually by filling out a form on to remove data

If you click this, you can access‘s data-removal form for legal reasons. Submitting this form will have your gamertag and IP address deleted from xResolver. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that your IP address won’t be added again.

6. Remove unknown or suspicious gamers from your friend list and don’t party with unknown gamers.

It is recommended that you do not attend gatherings with unknown users on Xbox, as xResolver obtains their IP and gamertag information from other players who are utilizing OctaSniff. You should also remove such players and not add them again if you have already done so.


Eventually, xResolver is a web-based database that saves the IP addresses of online game gamers based on their usernames. While it is not unlawful because the information is already public, there is a possibility that it will be misused by persons with bad intent.

The size of the xResolver database is unknown, but it is thought to contain less than one million IP addresses. Using a VPN, resetting your router, contacting your ISP, using the commercial xResolver service, filling out a data-removal form on, and avoiding unknown gamers are all options for removing your IP address from xResolver.

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