How To Use xResolver For Xbox and PS5?

Keeping your identity safe when playing Xbox and PlayStation is a must. You can use XResolver to convert your IP address into a new Gamertag, username, or other identifying information used in online games.

The security benefits of replacing lengthy user names and game tags with IP addresses are complemented by the fact that IP addresses are easier to learn and memorize than long names. XResolver is a program that translates labels and words into IP addresses.

xResolver is a free online program that can shorten Xbox and PlayStation gamer tags. In this tutorial, we’ll explore xResolver’s features and functionality in greater detail.

What is xResolver for Xbox and PlayStation?

Without a shadow of a doubt, xResolver is a more aesthetically pleasing application, filled to the gills with incredible capabilities, and made available to Xbox and PlayStation gamers. By and large, xResolver keeps information that is already in the public domain, like IP addresses and their links to Gamertags.

Protecting your Xbox gamertag or PlayStation ID is essential to prevent unauthorized access to this personal information. If you use xResolver, your Gamertags and IP address will be obscured by a unique layer of protection that is difficult to crack or dig.

In addition, employs tens of thousands of bots in order to scrape data and gain access to user information including network connection details, location, IP, and operating system details. It’s important that you keep this data safe from hackers, therefore if you play games on Xbox or PSN, you should sign up for xResolver’s DDOS protection package.

How To Use xResolver For Xbox and PlayStation?

The xResolver web-based tool was developed primarily for Xbox and PlayStation players. Users are able to take advantage of resolvers thanks to the interface (changing IP address).

How to use xResolver for games on Xbox and PlayStation:

1. Go to the main page.

xresolver xbox ps5

2. Go to the “Xbox Resolver” or “PlayStation Resolver” option on the left. Choose one to proceed with

xresolver xbox ps5

3. Enter your Xbox Gamertag or IP address on the box shown. To finish, just hit the “Resolve” button.

xresolver xbox ps5

Features of xResolver

Some of xResolver’s features are listed below.

  • Identify geographical location: xResolver’s Premium Geo IP feature lets you see where you and other users are located.
  • Resolver for Xbox and PS: xResolver Xbox has many useful and interesting functions. A new, secure IP address can be assigned to each of your Gamertags.
  • Get other people’s IP addresses with an IP logger: If you are a registered user, you can make a custom link and send it to someone else to get their IP address.
  • Blacklist your personal IP address: If you want to delete your data from the xResolver database, go to the “Remove Data” area and blacklist your username, IP address, location, and other records from their website.


In conclusion, xResolver is a must-have for protecting your online persona on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. It makes it more difficult for hackers to access your personal information by changing your IP address to a new Gamertag or username.

xResolver also has a number of extra capabilities, such as the ability to find out where you are and even have your own IP address blacklisted. With xResolver, you may play games online without worrying about your privacy being compromised. But while xResolver can help, the best defense is still a secure browsing routine and a robust password.

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