Mob Mamas Release Date: Toni Collette Leads a Hilarious Cast in The Movie!

Because mafia movies are popular, there have been a lot of parodies of them. Many of these movies and TV shows show a different side of life in organized crime. Now, Mafia Mamma, a dark comedy from Bleecker Street, makes fun of the life of a gangster. Here is everything that we at know about the latest mafia comedy, Mafia Mamma. This includes information about the cast, the plot, the trailer, and other things.

Release Date of Mafia Mama

Toni Collette will officially accept an offer she can’t refuse when the movie finally comes out in theatres only on Friday, April 14, 2023. Currently, there are no plans for a streaming or VOD release.

Official Trailer For Mafia Mama

The official trailer for Mafia Mamma has been put out by Bleecker Street. In the movie, a woman goes to Rome for the funeral of her long-lost grandfather, who turns out to be an Italian criminal.

There, she finds out that her grandfather’s last wish was for her to take over his illegal business. Because of this, her life changes quickly, and hitmen try to kill her all the time. The title card for Mafia Mamma that appears at the end of the trailer looks like the logo for The Godfather (1972).

What Is The Plot of Mafia Mama?

Toni Collette plays a lonely suburban woman who ends up in the criminal world by accident in Catherine Hardwick’s Mafia Mamma.

Collette’s character goes to rural Italy to take over one of the most feared crime families in the country, a job she has a hard time understanding since she has never been to Europe and has learned most of what she knows about the mafia from the shows and movies above. If she wants to be the “Mafia Mamma” that her classmates want her to be, she will have to learn quickly.

Here’s what the official plot synopsis for Mafia Mamma says:

A suburban American woman who inherits her grandfather’s Mafia empire, and guided by the Firm’s trusted consigliere defies everyone’s expectations, including her own, as the new head of the family business.

Who’s In Mafia Mama Cast?

Toni Collette has been nominated for an Academy Award and is one of the most talented actresses working today. Even though she is from Australia, she has a perfect American accent, which is just one example of her skills. Her acting range ranges from satirical comedies like Knives Out to psychological horrors like Hereditary (2018).

Collette will be joined by another legendary actress, Monica Bellucci, who is an international star who can be seen in the middle of two Matrix films and Spectre (2015).

Mafia Mama release date

The rest of the cast is made up of Alfonso Perugini (New York), Giulio Corso (Signora Volpe), Livia De Paolis (The Lost Girls), Bruno Bilotta (American Assassin), Francesco Mastroianni (Dead Uncle), Alessandro Bressanello (The Hand of God), and Yonv Joseph (Dakota).

Who are the Makers of the Mafia Mama Movie?

Catherine Hardwicke‘s movies have always had a touch of horror genre to them. She is probably best known for her work on the first Twilight movie, which started a long-running and hugely popular franchise. She also recently worked on the horror anthology series Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

The idea for the story came from Amanda Sthers (Madame), and J. Michael Feldman and Debbie Jhoon wrote the screenplay for Kevin From Work (2015).

Mafia Mama release date

Toni Collette will not only be in the movie, but she will also be a producer. Amanda Sthers will also be a producer. The rest of the crew includes composer Alex Heffes (The Last King of Scotland), cinematographer Patrick Murguia (Don’t Look Deeper), editor Waldemar Centeno (Fantasy Island), production designer Livia Borgogoni (La casa del sorriso), and costume designer Claudette Lilly (Unthinkably Good Things).

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Final Words

Mafia Mamma is a dark comedy from Bleecker Street that parodies the life of a gangster, with Toni Collette playing a lonely suburban woman who ends up in the criminal world by accident. Toni Collette, Monica Bellucci, Alfonso Perugini, and Catherine Hardwicke are the makers of the Mafia Mama Movie.

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