Resurrection Ending Explained: A Thrilling Roller Coaster Ride with a Shocking Ending!

The best way to describe Resurrection is as a roller coaster ride full of drama and turns. People liked this thriller and thought Rebecca Hall was amazing as a worried mother. Then there’s Tim Roth, who plays an abusive husband who comes back into his wife’s life and makes a mess of everything.

The ending of Resurrection surprised people. This thriller movie’s last scene was brutal and full of blood, but it was also satisfying. Did Margaret find a way to get back at Moore for killing her baby when he abused her? Did she manage to save both of her children and keep her image of the perfect mother? What happens at the end of this thriller about the mind?

How the Resurrection Comes to an End?

Margaret wants to find Moore more than anything. When she finds Moore’s message, she digs deep to try to figure out how to read it and find clues. After putting some thought into it, she comes up with the word “Boulevard. She’s happy because she thinks it’s the clue she’s been looking for. She looks for and finds a hotel called Boulevard. She gets to this hotel and sits in a car outside. She knows Moore is inside and waits for him to come out.

Moore walks out of the hotel and heads towards a restaurant. Margaret goes up to Moore and treats him badly. Margaret is so angry that she tells Moore in no uncertain terms to leave her life for good. She wants him gone more than anything. Moore makes fun of her and tells her that she has to do something if she wants him to leave her life. Moore tells her to come to work every day without shoes.

A surprised Moore refuses to do so. She tells him that she is not the kind of person who does what other people say. Moore isn’t happy and tries to get Margaret to do something. He talks about Benjamin and says that Benjamin’s life depends on him. He could easily kill him, and Margaret should be grateful that he has kept her son alive.

Resurrection Ending Explained

Margaret is shocked and very angry. She doesn’t want to give in to Moore, who is bad, but she has no other choice. Abbie’s life might be in danger. If Margaret doesn’t listen to him, Moore can hurt her. Margaret starts to walk to her office without shoes. Abbie thinks her mother has gone crazy and needs help with her mind.

In the end, Margaret’s trouble is shown. She finds an old piece of cloth that she loves and wants to use to cover her baby. She takes it with her to her apartment. She clings to that piece of cloth and falls asleep quickly. When she wakes up, she finds that she has been nursing.

The way Margaret feels is shown perfectly. She’s angry with Moore and wants to teach him a lesson. Moore took what was most important to her. At the same time, she was having a harder time keeping Abbie locked in a room.

When Abbie tells Margaret that she will leave home if she keeps her locked up like a bird in a cage, She is shocked by the idea of Abbie running away and never coming back, so she decides to kill Moore, the man who is to blame for all the chaos in her life.

Margaret’s Failed Attempt to Kill Moore and the Devastating Consequences for Abbie

Margaret’s plans don’t work out because she can’t kill Moore. She points a gun at his head, but she can’t bring herself to shoot him. Moore laughs at her and punishes her very badly for being so brave as to try to kill him.
Resurrection Ending Explained

Abbie runs away, and Margaret is devastated. She had done everything she could to keep Abbie safe, but now that she was out, Abbie was in danger. This time, she was so determined to do the right thing by her kids that she agreed to go to Moore’s room late at night. Abbie had a letter and a video clip ready for her just in case she didn’t make it.

The Last Attack

Moore was very happy to see her. He made a romantic dinner for two with candles at his house. When they met for the first time, they talked about old times and caught up. He told her in no uncertain terms what he wanted and asked her to “play the baby” for him. She calmed down by putting her ear on his stomach.

Resurrection Ending Explained

When the baby screamed, it scared the mother. At that moment, he seemed so close that she could almost feel him inside her. She begged her son to forgive her until he agreed. Then Margaret does the unimaginable.

She took the knife out of her sleeve and cut Moore with it. She hurt him a lot when she tied him to the bed. Moore told her that the baby could only live if he didn’t die, but she decided to cut up his body while he was still alive. Margaret starts taking out his organs so she can find her baby. She finally finds him and carefully takes him out.

A Bittersweet Ending to Abbie’s Story

At the end of the movie, Abbie goes home. Abbie takes her cute little brother in her arms and starts to play with him. She loves and praises Margaret a lot for everything she did for her kids. Margaret is thrilled to hear how much people like her. She was finally the perfect mother she had always wanted to be.

Resurrection Ending Explained

In the middle of all this, we hear music that sounds sad and scary. In the end, this music has a very important role. It shows that not everything ends up happy and wonderful. Maybe Abbie never came back and Margaret made all of this up in her head. She always wanted to be the perfect warrior mom. She was not able to do this, so the last scene was her mind trying to keep the image of her delusion alive.

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Final Words

Resurrection is a roller coaster ride of drama and turns, with Rebecca Hall as a worried mother and Tim Roth as an abusive husband. Margaret finds Moore’s message and tries to get him to leave her life, but he refuses. Margaret attempts to kill Moore, but can’t bring herself to do so, and Abbie runs away, leaving Margaret devastated. Margaret does the unimaginable, cutting up her baby’s body while he is still alive, leading to a bittersweet ending.

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