Is Sex Life Renewed for Season 3? Here’s What We Know About Season 3

The second season of Sex/Life premiered on Netflix this week, but let’s be honest: These six new episodes won’t last us more than one weekend (or one night, if you’re really dedicated). Billie and Brad got together at the end, so it was a happy ending all around (SPOILER ALERT). Is there going to be a Sex/Life season 3 to find out what happens next? Let’s dive in, then.

Is Sex Life Renewed for Season 3?

Netflix’s Official Renewal Update: Pending

Netflix has not yet decided whether or not to renew Sex/Life as of this writing. Yet, given that the second season premiered on March 2, 2023, the renewal or cancellation decision could be delayed by a few weeks at the very least.

is sex life renewed for season 3

If Sex/Life is successful over the next few weeks and months, it will show up in Netflix’s worldwide and regional top ten hourly stats. Sex/Life needs to match or exceed its first season’s ratings if it wants to return for a second run.

Its first season of Sex/Life spent a total of seven weeks in the top ten of global charts and racked up a total of 282,100,000,000 million hours.

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Does Sex/life Need Another Season?

Stacy Rukeyser, who created Sex/Life, has stated that there would definitely be a third season.

It’s definitely not intended to be a series finale. I believe there are always more stories to tell with these characters,” she says. The baby news, for example, was important to set up what the next season could be about, Brad and Billie’s blended family. “We’d also be back to that prime question from Season 1, which is, can you have sex and life all at the same time, especially as a new mom.”

What Can We Expect From the Third Season?

Rukeyser continued his commentary on the rest of Sex/Life:

This show has always been intended to be escapist and inspirational, to inspire women to really look at their lives and make sure they’re happy and that they’re getting what they want, that they’re being all parts of themselves. And I feel that giving them a happy ending is a much better way to inspire women than basically making Billie miserable because she screwed up.

Ultimately, the third season will track Billie and Brad as a couple and how their relationship develops throughout Billie’s pregnancy.

Even though Brad’s wife recently gave birth to a son, she decided to leave him after his career took an unforeseen dip. Billie (on the left) and Brad (on the right) of Netflix’s sex drama Sex Life have been renewed for a second season (right)

Cooper, Billie’s ex-husband, had a dramatic and difficult season 2 that nearly resulted in his death following a vehicle accident. Nonetheless, Cooper vowed to straighten out his life after the accident, which ultimately brought him back to his ex-girlfriend Emily and ultimately led to their marriage.


Season 2 may reveal the difficulties the marriage encounters after Hannnah is officially introduced as the stepmother to Cooper and Billie’s kids.

Who Will Be Back for Sex/life Season 3?

Without having an official renewal yet makes it difficult to say, but it seems safe to assume that Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos will return in their respective roles as Billie and Brad. Mike Vogel, Margaret Odette, and Cleo Anthony’s returns are also at the top of our wish list.


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The second season of Sex/Life premiered on Netflix this week, but it won’t last more than one weekend. Is there going to be a Sex/Life season 3? Stacy Rukeyser, who created the show, has stated that there will be a third season.

Sex/Life needs to match or exceed its first season’s ratings to return for a second run, and its first season spent seven weeks in the top ten of global charts and racked up 282,100,000,000 million hours. Sex/Life has been renewed for a third season, which will explore the question of how to have sex and life at the same time.

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