Physical 100 Season 2 Release Date: The New Hit Korean Fitness Competition Show on Netflix!

A new Korean fitness competition show on Netflix called “Physical: 100” is a hit because it is hard. In the TV show, 100 of Korea’s smartest and strongest people get together to take on more difficult and difficult-to-pass challenges. Olympians, wrestlers, MMA fighters, and other athletes who are among the best in their fields are put to the test.

Physical: 100 Season 1 was exciting for both fans and contestants. As a taste of what’s to come, the first episode’s challenge is to hold on to a bar for as long as you can. Even though it was the only job where no one was eliminated, it was just as hard as the other jobs. From there, the competition got tougher. In one-on-one ball-grab fights, 50 of the 100 competitors were eliminated. During the challenge, one participant broke a rib, and another is said to have fought with another.

Will There Be Physical 100 Season 2?

In the last few minutes of the first season’s finale, there was a hint that the show’s creators, led by producer Jang Ho-gi, have high hopes for a second season. As the show’s final shots showed a plaster bust of the winner Woo Jin-torso, yong’s representing season 1’s “most perfect physique,” the show’s voice-from-above narrator said this:

“There are many different body types in the world. We’ll keep looking for the perfect body.”

If ratings are any indication, season 2 will be renewed not if, but when. Season 1 was the first unscripted show to reach No. 1 on Netflix’s Non-English TV list, and it has stayed in the Top 10 for the past month. Even the very popular Korean dating show Single’s Inferno, which has already been picked up for a third season, doesn’t come close to those numbers (opens in new tab).

Release Date of Physical 100 Season 2

If season 2 is renewed, the Physical: 100 teams could start working on a new competition right away, which would be great. They’ll have to make big decisions, like whether to keep the same challenges or try to make a new game to keep the contestants and viewers on their toes.

Physical 100 Season 2

Plus, they’ll have to find the right people to play the roles and build the elaborate sets. Based on how long it took for the second season of Netflix‘s other Korean unscripted show, Single’s Inferno, to come out, season 2 of Physical: 100 could come out in early 2024.

Who Won Season 1 of Physical: 100?

Even though 100 people signed up, only one could win the huge cash prize for Physical: 100. Woo Jin-yong, a CrossFit athlete and snowboarder, was that competitor. He made it through every single test, proving that he was the one star with “the ultimate physique.”

Physical 100 Season 2

Notably, he won the tough endurance game “The Tail of Ouroboros,” in which he ran more than 20 laps around a race track without being passed by any of the other competitors.

What is the Concept behind Physical: 100?

If you remember, Squid Game was about 456 poor people who were invited to play a mysterious survival game with a grand cash prize of 45.6 billion won, which is about $40 million. Soon, the people who took part were stuck on an island by themselves and had to play children’s games that turned out to be deadly. Each game gets more dangerous and hard, and those who lose are taken out of the game in a brutal (and sometimes deadly) way. Physically, 100 is both very different from Squid Game and a lot like it.

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Is the Popularity of Physical: 100 Simply Another Example of the Korean Wave?

Absolutely! The Korean Wave is the spread and popularity of South Korean culture around the world, especially in the fields of music, TV dramas, and movies. Midway through the 1990s, the term “Korean Wave” was first used to describe how popular Korean pop culture was in China and then in other Asian countries.

Physical 100 Season 2


But since then, it has spread to places like Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. This trend kept going with K-pop music and Korean dramas (or K-dramas), which added billions of dollars to the country’s GDP and helped Korean movies become more popular around the world. It has also helped to boost tourism in South Korea and increase the country’s soft power and influence around the world.

Final Words

Physical: 100 is a hit in Korea due to its hard-to-pass challenges, with 50 of the 100 competitors eliminated. Season 1 of Physical: 100 was the first unscripted show to reach No. 1 on Netflix’s Non-English TV list, and the release date of season 2 could be in 2024.

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