What Happened to Dilbert Cartoon? Dilbert Site Down Problem and Solutions

The chairman, CEO, and president of Andrews McMeel Universal issued a statement on February 26, 2023, saying the firm will no longer collaborate with cartoonist Scott Adams on the Dilbert comic strip. Since then, other publications have decided to stop publishing Dilbert in either print or online editions. These publications include the New York Times and the Washington Post.

So, where did Dilbert go? Find out what Scott Adams, the cartoonist, has to say about it all in the following text.

What is Dilbert Cartoon About?

On April 16, 1989, Scott Adams debuted his new American comic strip, Dilbert, which he wrote and drew.

what happened to dilbert cartoon

The main character, engineer Dilbert, works in a white-collar, micromanaged job, and the show is notorious for its sarcastic office comedy. Several books, an animated TV series, a video game, and numerous other products with a similar subject have been created as a result.

Popular titles in the series include Dilbert Future and The Pleasure of Work. Adams was honoured with two awards in 1997: the Reuben Award from the National Cartoonists Society and the Newspaper Comic Strip Award. Dilbert can be read online, and as of 2013, it was syndicated to 2,000 newspapers in 65 countries and 25 languages.

Who is Scott Adam?

Scott Adams is a novelist, cartoonist, and the mind behind the 1989 comic strip Dilbert. The comic has become famous for its sarcastic comments on management, technology, and bureaucracy, and it concentrates on the funny and often odd aspects of corporate culture and office life.

Adams is also a prolific nonfiction writer, with titles like “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life” and “Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World When Facts Don’t Matter.”

What Happened to Dilbert Cartoon?

Dilbert, the creation of Scott Adams, first appeared on the web in that year’s April. Dilbert, the engineer protagonist, occupies a sarcastic, upper-middle-class office.

On the 22nd of February, 2023, the host of Real Coffee with Scott Adams, Scott Adams, went on a racist rant in which he called African Americans a “hate group” and said white people should “keep away from them” on his YouTube show.

The findings of a Rasmussen Reports survey in which respondents were asked if they agreed with the statement “It’s Alright to be white” provide the basis of his claims, as reported by USA Today. When Scott found out that 26% of Black respondents were against it, he lost it.

The Anti-Defamation League has traced the “It’s Alright to Be White” movement back to a 4chan trolling campaign that began in 2017.

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Scott Adams Doubled Down on His Racist Comments

Scott responded to criticism of his remarks with a Twitter post in which he defended his position as “been directly responsible for the loss of three careers. Three examples: Crocker Bank, Pacific Bell, and comics. All three crimes were committed by White people for their personal benefit. No one of African descent has ever treated me unfairly. That’s why, for a while, I considered myself to be Black.”

The reasons for the cancellation of the Dilbert comic were detailed in a statement issued by Andrews McMeel Universal “We do not agree with Scott Adams’s recent opinions, which he has shared on his personal blog, and we are disturbed by them.

Expression without censorship is highly regarded at Andrews McMeel Universal. We encourage and help facilitate the expression of a wide range of opinions and viewpoints. Contrarily, we would never back commentary that promotes bigotry or prejudice.”

It was also announced that an expanded statement will be coming from the company.

The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, the USA Today Network, and others quickly followed Andrews McMeel Universal’s declaration by announcing that they, too, would no longer publish the Dilbert comics strip in light of Scott Adams’s remarks. Adams’s remarks were described as “supporting segregation” by the Washington Post in particular.

Scott tweeted on February 27th, “The non-Dilbert book imprint where I was previously published has cancelled my upcoming book and all of my back catalogue. There is still no opposition to my view. Unfortunately, I was also dropped by my book agent.”

The CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, responded to Scott’s tweets by saying the media “was racist against non-white people, now they’re racist against whites & Asians.”


Dilbert Site Down Problem?

Many users have complained that the dilbert.com site has been down or otherwise problematic for them for some time. Since a few hours ago, this has been the sole issue with the Dilbert website. Users have been reporting for some time that the Dilbert website server is down at the customer service centre. Many are wondering where the Dilbert cartoon is gone and many are wondering if dilbert.com is down.

Users have been experiencing issues since the server for this widely-used website went down a few hours ago. If you’re having issues with your phone, we have solutions for you.

Solutions for Dilbert Website Problems

We give you various solutions to the issue of when Dilbert is unavailable. When the malfunction is attributable to your computer or mobile device, these solutions will help. Here are the changes that need to be made:

  • Shut down and immediately restart the phone.
  • Clear the cache of the application.
  •  Remove the history of your web browser.
  • Update the web browser in your system.
  • Check the connection of the Internet to your system.

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