Petter Belsvik Cause of Death: Husband of ‘Brian Paddick’ Pass Away!

It was reported recently on the internet that Petter Belsvik had passed away. Brian Paddick’s adoring husband. Brian, a previous competitor on I’m a Celebrity, has spoken out about his grief after the unexpected loss of his “beautiful, kind” husband at their house in Oslo.

The news broke online not long ago, and as it spread over social media, countless responses flooded news sites. A lot of people are looking up Petter Belsvik’s name right now because they want to know what happened to him. In this article, we will give you additional details regarding recent events.

Who Was Petter Belsvik?

On January 9, 2009, Petter Belsvik and Paddick got married in Oslo. Reports indicate that Mr. Belsvik, originally from Oslo, was a civil engineer. The couple had their first meeting in an Ibiza pub and eventually tied the knot in Norway. Eight days after the country legalised same-sex marriage, theirs was one of the first high-profile partnerships to be sealed.

Petter Belsvik cause of death

Paddick characterised Belsvik as “a fantastic man: clever and humorous but with a serene demeanour that is the perfect counterpoint to my volatility” in an article for the Daily Mail in 2008. He’s quite likeable. On a lark in Ibiza, I met Petter. As expected, my last day arrived, and despite only having spent 24 hours together, I left thinking I would never see him again.

But then it was as though God Himself had intervened — only it wasn’t God, it was Madonna. My Norwegian vacation fling was planning to visit London specifically to see her perform at Wembley Arena.

What Happened to Petter Belsvik?

Oslo-based civil engineer Petter Belsvik has unexpectedly passed away. Using Twitter, Brian Paddick broke the news of his companion’s passing.

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Peter Belsvik Cause of Death

It appears that Petter Belsvik has died suddenly, and a certain Brian Paddick has confirmed the news on Twitter.

However, the cause of Petter Belsvik’s death has not been made public at this time. Twitter user Paddick mourned the loss of her “wonderful, beloved husband, Petter Belsvik” after his unexpected death in Oslo. Belsvik’s death is a devastating blow to his loved ones.

On January 9th, 2009, in Oslo, Norway, Petter Belsvik and Paddick tied the knot. They first connected at an Ibiza pub on a holiday and tied the knot in 2009 in Norway. Eight days after the country legalized same-sex marriage, theirs was one of the first high-profile unions to be sealed. Belsvik was a fantastically gifted and admirable human being.


Social Media Condolences for the Death

The Daily Record Post,

Brian, who is a Liberal Democrat peer and former London mayoral candidate, announced that his husband, Petter Belsvik was found dead “peacefully alone” at their home in Oslo.

Mirror Celeb Post,

Brian Paddick announced the death of his beloved husband Petter Belsvik on Monday morning

Final Words

Petter Belsvik, a civil engineer from Oslo, Norway, has unexpectedly passed away. Brian Paddick, a former competitor on I’m a Celebrity, has spoken out about his grief after the unexpected loss of his “beautiful, kind” husband at their house in Oslo.

Paddick is a British politician and former police officer who is currently a life peer in the House of Lords. He served for more than 30 years in the Metropolitan Police Department before retiring in the position of deputy assistant commissioner in May 2007.

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