The Reading Ending Explained: What Happened in the Post-Credits Scene of The Reading?

The Reading is a supernatural movie about a group of friends who go to a psychic reading that goes horribly and fatally wrong. Let’s see what the movie’s ending tells us.

About The Reading Movie

The Reading is a supernatural suspense movie that Courtney Glaude both wrote and directed. It premiered on BET+ on February 2, 2023. Mo’Nique Hicks, Chasity Sereal, and Charnele Brown are the film’s stars.

The Reading Ending Explained

Emma Leeden, the protagonist, describes the death of her family in her recent book, “Invasion.” She consents to Sky Brown performing a staged reading in her fortified home in order to gain press. Nevertheless, Sky’s spiritual link is genuine, and evil starts to manifest in a house they can’t escape.

The remainder of the film follows Sky and her pals as they attempt to flee the ghosts and live.

Ending Explained: What Happened At The End of The Reading?

Emma is cooking in the kitchen when an intruder arrives and murders her teenage daughter, young son, and husband Matthew. He also beats Emma and chops off one of her fingers, but she lives with great difficulty.

Cut to a year later, when she is presenting her book “The Invasion,” which recounts the events of that evening, we can see that her speech has also been altered by the attack.

Later, a girl named SKY is conducting a psychic reading when she senses a connection between the actual world and the supernatural world. She informs her boyfriend Greg that it has happened before, and if it occurs again, she will do things that are not in their best interests.

The Reading Ending Explained

Then Greg urges her to complete one last mission for Emma with his four-person crew. Greg, Sky, Jessie (who cares for Sky’s health), and Randy (the videographer) agree to do one last job for twenty dollars since Sky needs money because her Ph.D.-holding and intellectual mother perform sex work for money.

The reading begins, and Sky begins to communicate with the spirits, telling Emma numerous personal details that embarrass her so much that she exits the room and asks SKY to stop, but she continues.

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When Sky regains consciousness, she reveals that Emma, not a random intruder, is responsible for the deaths of her family, despite the fact that Emma locks the door and shoots Greg, resulting in their severe injuries. The violent game of chase then commences, with Randy becoming the first victim. She then shoots Greg many times, exhausting her ammunition, and tosses the gun.

So Jessica and Sky decided to take her down; they jumped on her, but she also killed Jessica. Sky ran, but was arrested; fortunately, she found the gun and one unfired bullet, as well as Emma’s face.

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In the post-credits scene, Sky explains how she escaped from there, and the host mentions how Emma lied to us two years ago in the same location. The conclusion suggests that when Emma died, her spirit possessed Sky’s frail body, and now she can live and make money, but in a different and younger body.

Final Words

The Reading is a supernatural suspense movie starring Mo’Nique Hicks, Chasity Sereal, and Charnele Brown, about a group of friends who go to a psychic reading that goes horribly wrong. Sky reveals that Emma is responsible for her family’s deaths, leading to a violent chase and Sky’s arrest.

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