Magi Season 3 Renewal Status: Is It Worthy To Watch Season 3?

When most people hear the name “Aladdin,” they think of the famous version of the Arabian prince by the Walt Disney Company. But the character can be traced all the way back to folk tales from the 1600s that have inspired many writers and artists over the years. Stories about the boy and his genie have even been made into manga and anime.

The “Magi” franchise is probably the most well-known of these. In this version of the well-known story, Aladdin meets a genie and goes on some magical adventures, just like in other versions. In this one, he is with his friends Alibaba and Morgiana, who are also based on characters from those old stories.

Based on the same-named manga by Shinobu Ohtaka, a TV show called “Magi” came out in 2012 and ran until 2014. Even though “Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad,” a spin-off of the show, was made, fans have been waiting for the original story to come back. Seven years is a long time to wait for the next part, but there might still be hope.

Renewal Status of Magi Season 3

Most people don’t know what to expect when Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic’s third season comes back. March 2014 was the last time fans saw an episode of the show. Since then, there hasn’t been any news about the show.

Due to how long it’s been since the last episode, there’s a lot of talk about what might happen next. But Magi is one of those anime shows that has a chance of becoming one of the top franchises. Many Rating sites have given the first two seasons of the show high marks.

magi season 3 release date

More than 3,000 viewers have given the anime a score of seven or higher. Also, MyAnimeList shows that 500,000 users have given it an average score of 8.04 stars. Now, the numbers show that the show’s popularity hasn’t changed much. So, it’s safe to say that deciding whether or not to keep making the show won’t be hard for the people in charge.

There has been no news about the show’s return in the past six years. So, it’s likely that A-1 Pictures has no plans to start animating the series anytime soon. 

What Is The Story of Magi Previous Seasons?

The main character in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is a young boy named Alibaba. During one of his exploration trips, Alibaba ran into a man named Aladdin. Alibaba decides to join this young boy when he finds out that he is with a blue floating thing that can make any wish come true. So, the two of them decide to go on a hunt for the Djinn Metal Vessel, which will hold the entity inside. With this storyline, the pilot season began.

magi season 3 release date

In the second season, which is called “The Kingdom of Magic,” the two adventurers travel to the land of Sindra. After beating Al-Thamen, the boys decide to go their separate ways. So, Aladdin goes on his adventure to Magnostadt. Alibaba and Morgiana, on the other hand, went back to where they came from. At the end of the season, Hakuryuu left his friends and said that he was going to go after what he was born to do.

So, he said goodbye to Aladdin and turned his back on his friends with happiness. Now, Season 3 of Magi will follow the same path. The story will pick up where the manga’s Slave Arc left off. This is the seventh part of the series, and it’s about Sindbad’s adventures as a slave. After he enters the land of the Maria del company, he has to go through the terrible system of slavery on his own.

Cast: Who Will Star in Magi Season 3?

The cast of Season 3 of “Magi” hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s probably safe to assume that the same voice actors will be back. Kaori Ishihara, whose other work includes “Digimon Adventure tri,” played Aladdin in the first two parts, and fans are hoping she’ll be back.

So far, Ishihara’s had a busy year. She has done voice work for “Combatants Will Be Dispatched,” “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid,” “Black Clover,” and “Higehiro.” She might have made time for “Magi” in her busy schedule.

magi season 3 release date

If Yûki Kaji, who voiced Alibaba in the show, comes back for the third season, he will be another big plus. Since the last “Magi” story, he has gone on to work on “Attack on Titan,” “Psycho-Pass,” “Gantz:O,” “Weathering with You,” and a number of other anime series and movies that show the best of the medium.

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The last time around, Haruka Tomatsu, who played Morgiana, was the last person in the main cast. She also had a big year in 2021, appearing in shows like “Horimiya” and “Peach Boy Riverside.” However, she probably still has things to do in the “Magi” universe. It’s not clear yet if the original group will come back, but there hasn’t been anything to suggest that they won’t.

Ratings of Magi Season 3

Overall, there is only one word to describe how good the Magi series is: “extremely worth watching.” The rating on IMDB (7.8 out of 10) says everything you need to know.

magi season 3

Final Words

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is an anime series based on folk tales from the 1600s that has been made into manga and anime. It has been seven years since the last episode, but there is still hope for a renewal. Magi Season 3 will pick up where the manga’s Slave Arc left off, following Sindbad’s adventures as a slave. The cast of Season 3 of “Magi” is expected to be the same, with Kaori Ishihara, Yûki Kaji, and Haruka Tomatsu returning, and the rating on IMDB is 7.8 out of 10.

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