Is Yuri Gay? What is Nanno and Yuri Relationship Timeline?

Who Are Yuri and Nanno ?

Yuri and Nanno are close school time close friends and they both have a strong connection between them and their relationship is based on their mutual understanding and respect.

They both support each other in their difficult times. They share their interests , hobbies with each other and with their fans. They are very supportive to each other and help each other in their good or bad times.   

After some time of friendship Nanno realizes that there is something different in Yuri and she starts to get attracted towards her.

Is Yuri Gay ? Try to Win Back in the Lgbtq Community 

Yuri is trying to get back in the LGBTQ community. Yuri is considered an icon among the LGBTQ community in Mexico. And the Mexican Pop star premiered her gayest music video for Euforia.  Yuri’s LGBTQ+ fans have been credited with reviving her career in the 2000s when she finally made her comeback. 

Is Yuri Gay ? What is Nanno and Yuri Relationship Timeline

In the Interview Yuri expressed that same sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt a child.  And In the Interviews her fan asked that if any of her boyfriends in the past turned out to be gay, she responded “yes”. 

Are Nanno and Yuri Are Enemies ?

In the Netflix series Yuri is the main antagonist of the 2018 Thai Netflix series Girl From Nowhere. She made her cameo appearance, as a regular student who Nanno takes an interest in for her mission to take down the sociopathic mean girls who tortured Yuri by getting her raped and recording her for their heartless pleasure. 

And Nanno is willing to kill someone whether they are innocent or evil. While both Yuri and Nanno have the abilities to make the evils pay, their goals and ways to solve problems are far different.

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Facts About the Netflix Series Girls From Nowhere

While Nanno took some inspiration from Tomie, it’s Yuri who was revealed to be the real expy of Tomie. Like her, she is also a sadistic monster who tortures people and ruins their lives for power and greed and orchestrates destruction around her because she enjoys it.

Is Yuri Gay ? What is Nanno and Yuri Relationship Timeline

Nanno shares similarities with Jill Roberts from Scream 4 as both are sadistic murderers who are jealous of the female protagonists’ role and popularity in the story and kill innocents and later try to kill Sidney and Nanno as well just so they’d take over as the new “heroes” of their own story and gain all the fame and fortune from it. She even shares similarities with Amy Dunne from Gone Girl as both are sociopathic women who fake being a victim in order to ruin lives of their enemies and torture them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Does Nanno Get Pregnant?

In the episode, Pregnant, Nanno biologically altered a man to get pregnant and bear a fetus who grew into an infant. Time Manipulation: Nanno can seemingly manipulate time to her will.

Does Yuri Not Like Nanno?

At last, Yuri no longer finds value from Nanno and it’s her time to eliminate her teacher figure from this game. To her, it is just her weeding out the weak as she found a new and stronger partner-in-crime. 

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