With Tom Brady Retired, Who is Now the Best QB in the NFL?

Although neutrals have always found him hard to warm to – and have felt the same about the New England Patriots during the two-decade spell in which he was their quarterback – even his critics wouldn’t deny that Tom Brady has been the best QB ever to throw a pass. If they tried to, there will always be the stats and records that stop them in their tracks. People who have focused on the NFL main titles and awards when sports betting at in2bet.com.cy have always done it with his impact at the back of their minds. And now, for the first time in literally decades, Brady is not going to be part of the playing side of football.

Having announced his retirement, definitively and finally, Brady is now leaving the field to other, younger players. There is no guarantee that one or more of these won’t turn out to be even better than he has been – football changes through time, and both tactical and medical innovations can create the potential to leave old records crumbling in the dust. For now, it’s hard to answer the question of whether anyone will be better than Brady. At the current time, it’s worth looking to the players who, in his absence, will be the best in the NFL going forward.

Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City passer has a Super Bowl ring to his name (and may be about to add another). Through six seasons in the NFL, he has never dropped below 4,000 yards passing as a starter, which he has been in all but his rookie season. He has a career regular season passer rating of 105.2, and can make pretty much any pass he wants to. On top of that, he’s also one of the better rushing QBs in the league, and if there is nothing on through the air is more than capable of taking off to run for the first down. In a conference as competitive as the AFC, he’s been to the conference championship four years running, winning three of those four.

Joe Burrow

There is a theory that, a few seasons back, Cincinatti played worse than they were capable of just to ensure that they were able to draft Burrow. If that’s the case, it was worth it. Burrow, along with some smart drafting to surround him with the right passing targets, has turned the Bengals from an awful team to one which has made the AFC Championship game two seasons running, and was within seconds of winning the Super Bowl in his second season as a pro – after recovering from a knee ligament injury in his rookie campaign. The competition between him and Mahomes for honors could become a generational rivalry.

Josh Allen

There is a blank space in Allen’s record of achievement in the NFL, and with five seasons under his belt it’s one he’s going to need to fill to be seen as one of the best. The Bills came into this season as favorites to win the Super Bowl, but were knocked out in the Divisional playoff round by the Bengals who outplayed them in Buffalo. Allen has, as of yet, not demonstrated that he can put the team on his back and overcome the adversity they will sometimes inevitably face. If he does – and that will mean getting to the conference championship at least – then he could yet be better than Mahomes or Burrow. But it’s a big challenge he needs to face down.

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