Is James Kennedy Dating to Ally Lewber? Who Is His Ex Fiancee?

Who is James Kennedy ?

James Kennedy is a DJ, British music producer, Television personality, social media Influencer, and Entrepreneur . James Kennedy’s real name was James Georgiou. He was born on 24 January 1992 and he is from London , England , UK. James Kennedy belongs to a Christianity Religion.

James Kennedy also hosted many pool Parties, DJ parties and Club Events. James also appeared in various TV shows. And his most famous TV series is Vanderpump Rules.

But, he is focusing on his music career and also launched videos, songs and singles music albums. James Kennedy was interested in music when he was child he loved music the most. After completing his graduation he totally focused on the music career. His songs are also available on Spotify, Wynk music , Youtube and other music apps. 

Who is James Kennedy ? Ally Lewber Might Be “the One”

James Kennedy’s father is also a music producer his name is ‘ Andros Georgiou’. James Kennedy is very close to his Grandmother. 

James Kennedy Dating to Ally Lewber 

James Kennedy’s new sweet heart is Ally Lewber and they both met on the set of Vanderpump Rules which is a recent reunion of this television series, James Kennedy began dating Ally following three months of separation from his ex-fiancee. James Kennedy and Ally Lewber start dating in March 2022.

James and Ally Lewber went for Instagram officially following a March vacation to Tulum, and they made their red carpet debut later the same month at the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards. James and Ally also reveal their togetherness on Lala Kent’s Give Them Lala podcast.

Who is James Kennedy ? Ally Lewber Might Be “the One”

In the previous month James and Ally’s friends and fans of the show, met at one of Sandoval’s concerts in Agoura Hills, California. After spending the summer traveling with James to his various DJ gigs across the country, Ally Lewber joined Pump Rules as a friend for Season 10. 

James Kennedy Cheated on His Ex Fiancee Raquel Leviss

James Kennedy came into LimeLight due to cheating on his Ex Fiancee Raquel Leviss. And James Keneddy’s current girlfriend was shocked to hear that he cheated on his Ex Fiancee Raquel Leviss with Lala Kent. Raquel Leviss is the long term girlfriend of James Kennedy After dating each other they both get engaged and after 7 months of engagement they both get separated in December 2021

Who is James Kennedy ? Ally Lewber Might Be “the One”

After separation they both mentioned Each other in their post  “We love each other very much, but we aren’t in love anymore. We want the best for each other, so please keep any thoughts positive. Sending Love.”

James Kennedy gets angry at Lala Kent for revealing her secret life in front of the media. He also claimed that “He hasn’t got time to be mad at Lala about something that happened six years ago. We’ve already worked on our friendship so much since then,” he said. While James is “not proud” of his behavior, he explained his past is not reflective of the man he is today.

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James Kennedy Net Worth in 2023 

 James Kennedy Net worth according to current year is Approximate $ 4 Millions. James Kennedy Real Estate Los Angeles, California.  

Cars Collections : BMW and Stunning Sports Car

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Net Worth of James Kennedy’s Girlfriend Ally Lewber ??

Ally Lewber is a multimedia journalist from Los Angeles. Her net worth is around $ 300K – $ 1 Million. She earned this from her career. 

What is the Net Worth of James Kennedy’s Ex Fiancee  Raquel Leviss ?? 

Raquel Leviss is a famous Pageant Contestant of Vanderpump Rules. Her net worth is around $ 5 Million. Which she earns from her career. 

What Are the Unknown Facts of James Kennedy ??

  1. James Kennedy released his EP Blitz in November 2014.
  2. James is best known for appearing in the reality show “Vander pump Rules” which is a spin-off of the hit show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.
  3. He first released his hit song “Feeling You” in 2016.
  4. James’ father was a singer and his mother was a model.
  5. He was a guitarist in his school band.
  6. He is a travel freak.
  7. He is a dog lover. 

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