The Traitors Release Date, Cast Plot and Where to Watch?

The Traitors, a new reality competition series from Peacock, has revealed its cast and release date. The first episode of Alan Cumming’s ten-part chat show will air on January 12, 2023. Click through the images above to learn more about the contestants, who include personalities from shows like The Real Housewives and Big Brother.

This British adaptation of the Dutch show of the same name will feature celebrities and regular people working together to complete a series of challenges in a remote Scottish castle for a prize of up to $250,000. Here’s the catch, though: It is expected that three participants, dubbed “the traitors,” will scheme to steal the reward from the remaining competitors, dubbed “the faithful.”

What is ‘The Traitors’ About?

Alan Cumming’s The Traitors is an updated take on the standard reality program structure. The show’s success in the Netherlands inspired the producers to adapt it for an Australian audience. Although the trailer above is not for the American adaptation of the show, it does an excellent job of summing up the show’s central concept and aesthetic.

A group of contestants from throughout the United States will assemble at a Scottish castle to take part in a series of challenges.

However, there is a “Traitor” trio inside their ranks. Contestants are tasked with betraying their teammates for a $250,000 payout in a covert operation. After the Faithful have found and eliminated the Traitors from the competition, the remaining competitors will win the reward and split it among themselves. However, if even a single Traitor remains behind, they will be able to simply steal all of the cash.

Even if the Traitors intend to “kill” each of their opponents in turn, the series of challenges will expand the reward pool and shield the participants from harm. Squad members who the Faithful deem to be Traitors can be kicked off the team.

When Can We Expect the Premiere of ‘The Traitors’?

The actors will fight for the big prize when all 10 episodes of Traitors are released on January 12, 2023. In order to fight for a total of $250,000 in cash, contestants will gather at a fortress deep in the Scottish Highlands and take part in a series of challenges.

But there’s a catch with these reality competition series, just like there was with Netflix’s The Mole. The show’s creators have selected three “snitch” contestants in advance, and it is their mission to defraud the other contestants.

Described as a “psychological adventure” in which treachery and deceit play important roles, The Traitors promises to be a thrilling read. This “game full to the brim” features “alliances, duplicity, and even murder.”‘

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‘The Traitors’ Trailer

Earlier this week, the first U.S. trailer for Traitors was released. This preview should give you an idea of why the show is so well-liked in the UK.

‘The Traitors’ Cast

The Traitors features a number of regulars from various reality shows, including cast members from The Real Housewives and Survivor.

Season one of The Traitors boasts a star-studded ensemble including Cirie Fields, Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick, controversial ex-Olympian Ryan Lochte, and Shahs of Sunset’s own socialite Reza Farahan. Arie Luyendyk Jr., a fan favorite from both seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, will be there, as will former Big Brother competitors Rachel Reilly and Cody Calafiore, Below Deck’s Kate Chastain, Summer House’s Kyle Cooke, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville, and more.

There will be a number of newcomers from various walks of life coupled with the show’s veterans and regulars. Actors, hairstylists, political experts, and executives will be among the crowd of prominent faces, working to spot the snakes in the grass.


There have been rumors that Christian De La Torre, Michael Davidson, Andie Thurmond, Quentin Jiles, Shelbe Rodriguez, Geraldine Moreno, Robert “Bam” Nieves, Anjelica Conti, Azra Valanim, and Amanda Clark will all make their acting debuts in the civilian cast of The Traitors season 1.

Where Can I Watch ‘The Traitors’?

The Traitors will soon be available to stream online at Peacock. There are three distinct pricing tiers available in Peacock: free, premium, and premium plus.

In contrast to Peacock Premium, which provides unrestricted access to the complete collection with substantially less advertising, Peacock Free only provides a small selection of movies and TV shows along with advertisements. Then there’s Peacock Premium Plus, which, for an additional $9.99 a month, offers everything the Premium subscription does but without the ads.

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